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Come Follow Me- For Primary, June 7-13, D&C 63, Free LDS Primary lesson helps, Free Prints

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Come follow Me 2021, free LDS primary lesson helps, Mysteries, Temples Savior, Baptism, Well of water, Resurrection, activities for kids and children, object lesson

D&C 62:23

“Heavenly Father wants me to learn the gospel.

Children are constantly learning. Help them see that Heavenly Father will help them learn about Him if they obey His Commandments.”

My suggestion: Attach the well to an empty cup. Depending on the age of the children, explain that during Joseph Smith’s time a well of water was the only way to get water. Hold the empty cup out to the children and ask them what happens when the well dries out. Ask them what happens to our bodies when we never get water. Read D&C 63:23 and explain that Heavenly Father promises that when we keep the commandments the well fills up forever. (Fill the cup with water). Tell them that Jesus was speaking more about the gospel of Jesus Christ then water. The gospel can fill our spirits and keep us from spiritual death. Put the tips of your fingers in the water and splash the children (not in the face). Tell them that the gospel also makes us happy, and it makes us happy to share it.(:

Well of water, free LDS primary lesson helps, Doctrine and covenants 62:23, living water, keep the commandments, everlasting life

Read D&C 63:23 to the children, and ask them to listen for what God will give us if we keep the commandments. Help them understand that "Mysteries" are things that God can teach us more about, like how to become more like Jesus Christ.

Print on card stock, cut out the middle circle, attach yarn so the children can have their magnifying glass hanging around their necks. As they look for the pictures of baptism, the Savior, temples and so on. These pictures will be hiding around the room. “Ask them to share what they know and any questions they have about each topic.”

I can solve the "mysteries" as I keep the commandments. mysteries of heaven, D&C 63:23, Free LDS primary lesson helps

(I think it would be fun to select the black and white and print it on different colors of card stock.)

Bring to class pictures that represent gospel topics the children can learn more about, such as baptism, the Savior, temples, and so on. Place the pictures face down on the floor, and let the children take turns turning one over. Ask them to share what they know and any questions they have about each topic.

Pictures as the primary manual suggests, but can also be hidden around the room, as the children look for them with magnify glasses. Could also, print two for a matching game.

I can solve the "mysteries" as I keep the commandments. mysteries of heaven, D&C 63:23, Free LDS primary lesson helps, baptism, the Savior, Temples, Sacrament, Scriptures, Prayer, Atonement, Prophets teachings, obedience

D&C 63:49

I will be resurrected.

Show the children a picture of one of your loved ones who has died, and share a story about that person. Read Doctrine and Covenants 63:49 to the children, and testify that one day that person will “rise from the dead” and never die again. Ask the children if they know someone who has died. Testify that we will all be resurrected because of Jesus Christ.

Come follow Me, Free LDS Primary Lesson helps, D&C 63:49, We will all be resurrected because of Jesus Christ

Show pictures of the burial and Resurrection of the Savior (see Gospel Art Book,nos. 58, 59). Invite them to talk about what is happening in the pictures. Invite the children to lie down as you tell about Jesus’s burial and to stand up as you tell about His Resurrection. Read Doctrine and Covenants 63:49, and bear your testimony that we will all rise from the dead one day just like Jesus did.

Resurrection, Free LDS Primary lesson helps, Free printable's

Download Resurrection activity Here

Descargar español Aquí

I should treat sacred things with reverence.

We live in a day when sacred things are often disregarded or even mocked. You can help the children develop a sense of reverence for sacred things.

  • Read to the children from Doctrine and Covenants 63:64: “That which cometh from above is sacred.” Ask them to think of an item that is special to them, such as a favorite toy or book. How do they take care of it and protect it? Help them think of things that are special—or sacred—to Heavenly Father. How should we speak of these things? How should we treat them?

Object Lesson!

Pass a piece of white bread around the class a couple of times. Let the kids sit on it, walk on it or throw it in the garage (May want to have a plate available to help control the mess). After they have treated the bread very badly, hold up the bread (or pieces of the bread) and ask who wants to eat it. How would you treat something you are going to eat?

Then explain that there are special things in the gospel that must be treated with respect and love as you read D&C 63:64. What are some of these things?

We did this as a family and it turned out to be so much fun! I told my kids that my son was in charge of scripture study and to please give him their full attention. Right away he picked up this roll and started wiping it through his hair. Then he took it and started scrubbing his arm pits with it. He definitely had their full attention(: Then he put it back on the plate, took off his shoes and started rubbing it through his toes. My daughter said "I think I'm going to vomit!" Then he sat it back on the plate and said "Now let us make a sandwich for Ammon with this roll!" (The only child who missed scripture study because of work). They were laughing and some were very willing to feed it to their brother.

Then we talked about D&C 63:64. My other son said "preparing or passing the sacrament unworthily is a lot like eating the dirty sandwich." I was impressed to say the lest. It is great to see what happens when you put a teenager in charge(:

Sing with the children a song about reverence, such as “Reverently, Quietly” (Children’s Songbook, 26). Help them think of ways they can show reverence for sacred things.

Click on either picture to take you to the page, where you can print this song.

Teach the Doctrine: Older Children

Show the children a picture of a well, and ask them to draw a picture of one. After reading together Doctrine and Covenants 63:23, help them think of truths they know about the gospel, and invite them to write these truths around their wells. How are these truths like “living water”?

Pass out the drops of water, the children can write the gospel truths on them and stick them around the well.

Read to the children from Doctrine and Covenants 63:58: “This is a day of warning.” Ask them to talk about warnings they hear from their parents, teachers, and Church leaders. Then help them find warnings from the Lord in verses 58–64.

Click on the picture to take you to this and more warning labels.

I made a gift tag for my ministering this month, but I also think it would be great for Father's Day. Since it isn't church related I feel pretty good about asking a $1.50 for it.

But if you really can't afford that, please let me know (through email) and I will email it to you. Especially if you are using it for church use.

(Just click on the picture)

That is all for this week.




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B&J Davidson
B&J Davidson
Jun 13, 2021

Thank you for providing these wonderful helps and sharing your gifts and talents with us!


Jun 10, 2021


I adore your primary helps and would love to purchase this tag and recipe, but the etsy account says it is sold out. I would be glad to send you 1.50 any way possible if I could have a copy of this!! You are wonderful--



Jun 10, 2021
Replying to

Wow, thanks for letting me know. I will get that fixed. You are awesome!

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