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Come follow Me 2020, Free LDS primary lesson helps, free printable's, Nov. 30-Dec.6 Moroni 1-6

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Come Follow Me 2020, Nov 30-Dec 6, Moroni 1-6, FreeLDS primary lesson helps, Flip and slide, interactive ways to teach the scriptures, free LDS coloring pages, I'm blessed when I go to church, What do you think of during the sacrament? I'm blessed when I go to church, Reverently, quietly LDS primary song

"Read Moroni 4:3 and 5:2 to the children and share why they take the sacrament every week. Ask them to suggest things the children can do to help them think about Jesus during the sacrament and remember Him always."

What do I think of during the sacrament? LDS free coloring page girl, come follow me 2020, Free LDS primary lesson helps
What do I think of during the sacrament? Free LDS coloring page, come follow me 2020, free LDS primary lesson helps

Come follow Me- for Primary page 185 "Sing a song that helps children think about Jesus, such as "Reverently, Quietly" (CSB 26), Ask the children to practice sitting reverently like they would during the sacrament."

Reverently quietly, LDS primary songs, children's song book 26, free printable's

Here is a recycled week on the Sacrament.

Free Come Follow Me, learning about the sacrament, free LDS coloring pages

You can find this Here

Read phrases from Moroni 6:1-3 that teach who can be baptized...Tell about how you were prepared to be baptized, or ask someone who was recently baptized to explain how he or she prepared. Help the children think of ways they can prepare to be baptized someday.

Here is a baptism bundle I have put together of past activities.

Baptism Bundle, free printable's, Come follow me, LDS free primary lesson helps

Download bundle Here

Come Follow Me- For primary page 186 “Ask the children why they like going to church, and help them name some of the things we do at church. Read to them some of these things from Moroni 6:4-6, 9, and invite them to act out or draw pictures of themselves doing some of these things (such as praying, preaching, singing, and partaking of the sacrament).”

I am blessed when I go to church, Moroni 6:4-6,9, interactive LDS church. Free LDS primary lesson helps

For Older Children

The Holy ghost is a sacred gift.

"The gift of the Holy Ghost is given through the laying on of hands."

Good time to learn the 5th article of Faith

5th article of faith free printable, Free LDS primary lesson helps, Come follow Me 2020

The Holy Ghost is a sacred gift, LDS free primary lesson helps, teaching the scriptures to children, interactive, flip and slide activity

For a boy:

For a girl:



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