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Come Follow me 2024, April 22-28, Free LDS primary lesson helps

Updated: Apr 26

Come Follow Me 2024, Free LDS Primary lesson helps, King Benjamin, serving Others is serving God, Free LDS coloring pages and activities for children and toddlers

Ideas for Teaching Children

When I serve others, I am serving God.

  • This week’s activity page has a simple crown your children could make.

  • Maybe they would like to take turns standing on a chair or stool and pretending to be King Benjamin while you share some things King Benjamin taught his people, found in Mosiah 2–3. These are pictures of my little family 4 years ago, during covid 19. If your up for it, you can build a little tent(:

  • You could also share with them “Chapter 12: King Benjamin” (Book of Mormon Stories, 32–35) to give them an overview of King Benjamin’s teachings.

Click on image to be taken to the the churches website to watch.

  • Mosiah 2:17 might be a good verse for your children to learn. You could help them repeat it a few words at a time. Or you could write the verse down, with several key words missing, and ask your children to find the missing words. Then you could talk with your children about why God wants us to serve each other.

For older students, you can have them assemble the puzzle, and read the scripture together, then pull off pieces of the puzzle to help them memorize the scripture.

For Younger Children, Here is a more simple puzzle.

Here is a fun sliding printable with a surprise.

Print in Color HERE

Print B&W HERE

  • You could help your children search Mosiah 2:11–18 to find out what King Benjamin did to serve others. Then your children could write on strips of paper some ways they can serve family members. Put the papers in a container, like a bag or jar, so your children can pick one each day and do that act of service for someone.

Here is paper you can fold and make into a bag.

Here is a more neutral looking bag(:

Here are stripes of paper:

For Younger children I suggest something like this, write down the ideas of service on each heart, string it and have the children rip it off when it is completed.

All of my blessings come from Heavenly Father.

  • King Benjamin’s service to his people was inspired by his deep gratitude to God. How will you inspire similar feelings in your children? You could read together Mosiah 2:21 and start a list of blessings Heavenly Father has given us. Then maybe you could add to the list other blessings your children think of.

Movement activity:

Here’s a game you could play to help your children recognize Heavenly Father’s blessings. The children could pass around a picture of the Savior as they sing or listen to a song about gratitude (see “Gratitude” in the topics index of the Children’s Songbook). Stop singing or stop the music periodically, and invite whoever is holding the picture to talk about a blessing they are grateful for. According to Mosiah 2:22–24, how can we show that we are thankful for our blessings?

This is a good song for that game, it is short and they can catch on quick and sing with the music.

Jesus Christ will help me become more like Him.

  • An angel told King Benjamin important truths about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Maybe you and your children could look for pictures of some of the events mentioned in Mosiah 3:5–10 (see, for instance, Gospel Art Book, nos. 30, 41, 42, 5759). As you read Mosiah 3:5–10, your children could raise their hands when they hear something in the passages that appears in one of the pictures.

For Younger children, get out the 4 different colors of crayons and have the children color the paths to see which on leads to the sun. Read the scripture to them and have them place the picture of Jesus on the correct path.

Love this! I will have to do this with my entire family for FHE:

  • Have your children ever helped prepare food using a recipe? Maybe you could talk about that experience and use Mosiah 3:19 to come up with a “recipe” for how we can become like Jesus Christ. How does Jesus help us become like Him?

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Michelle Maru
Michelle Maru
May 09

Thank you very much for sharing your ideas. I appreciate it and I don't have to stress about what will I teach today at church.🌼


Mindy Coston
Mindy Coston
Apr 28

Thank you for all your ideas and prep, I use your pictures and activities often for my CTR 6 class! They especially love the puzzles and coloring pages 😊


Blake Nelson
Blake Nelson
Apr 28

Fantastic work and prep. This must be your passion.

Apr 28
Replying to

Ha ha. It sure is. Thank you!

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