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Week of Easter, Count Down Activities March 30- April 12

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

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Last Easter the Come Follow Manuel asked families to study the life of Christ every day. It was wonderful, and a tradition that we want to keep doing with our families. You are welcome to join me and Mitzi @ comefollowmekid.com as we share our Easter Count downs and activities with you.

Here is the first Easter Count Down from Mitzi:

You can download this at comefollowmekid.com

We have added more to Resurrection Sunday to incorporate the Book of Mormon and Christ appearing to the people in America.

Here is my count down:

Easter Countdown banner, to hold activities for Easter, LDS come Follow Me Easter

It was made with the intention to hold daily activities inside each burlap sack. Here is a tutorial if you would like to make it. If that is too difficult there is always Mitzi's, but also you can easily simplify this with paper bags or manila envelops and scrapbooking paper.

One more count down, this is good for Primary teachers to send this home with their class, or for children who like to color and make their own.

LDS Easter 2020, Come Follow Me Easter Countdown, Free Easter coloring page, LDS Primary kids children ,

Download Here


Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (Matt 21:6-11)

I'm starting you off with a sensory activity. If you look closely it says: "After coloring, glue pieces of fabric, leaves, and branches to the path." This was so fun for my little one. When we went looking for branches and leaves, we found all kinds of treasures: Bird feather, ribbon, small sones, and surprisingly some fabric. I have a "scrap bin" that my kids are always welcome to fish out fabric, too.

LDS Easter 2020, Palm Sunday Sensory activity, Free LDS coloring pages, Free Easter activities for Primary age children kids, FHE Easter

Print Here

Notice that the Scripture says "Hosanna!"

Here is a beautiful Easter Song called "Easter Hosanna"

Beautiful art and very christ centered, sung by children.

I added a box of new markers to my countdown today.


The cleansing of the temple. (Matt 21:12-16)

LDS Easter 2020, LDS cleansing of the temple, Easter Monday, Temple sort, temple puzzle, lds free coloring pages for Easter

Download Monday's Activities Here

Fabulous video put out by the church that explains this really well:


Here is a interactive song about the temple:


I'm adding side walk chalk to my Monday burlap sack on the countdown banner. If the weather is bad then I will switch it to another day.

If you want to stick to the lesson you can draw temples, or you can trace the children's bodies into the concrete and talk about how our bodies need to stay clean like a sacred temple.


Matt 21-23

This is a day that Jesus taught, one of the things he taught was about faith.

LDS Easter 2020, Easter Tuesday, Jesus taught about Faith, Activities for Easter, LDS free coloring pages for Easter

Download Tuesday's activities Here

Here is a beautiful video on Faith:

For even younger kids, I recommend making mountains out of play dough. In fact I just put play dough in the Easter Count Down. Because I know, even my teenagers will play with it, while we talk about Faith that day.

Here is a great play-dough recipe:


Yay! It's spring! What better way to teach about faith? Put a packet of seed in the count down to provide a little surprise for your kiddos.


Matt 24-25

Here is an activities and song that goes along with these scriptures:

LDS Easter 2020, Easter Wednesday, LDS free coloring pages and prints for Easter

Download Wednesday Activities Here

Black and White Here

Here is a video put on by the church about the last super:


If you are looking for a sensory activity, here is one for washing of the feet:

Instructions and printing here

Here is a free coloring page of the last super:


Did you know you can paint eggs with water color? Then you don't have to worry about staining clothes. I'm putting this in my count down today, so my kids and I can paint eggs.

My kids are tiny competitive. We sent this picture out for family members to vote(:


The Passover and Christ Suffering in Gethsemane Matt 26

The puzzle also goes along with this weeks primary lesson:

Come Follow Me-For Primary page 54 "Testify that Jesus Christ felt all our "pains and sickness" so that He could understand how to comfort us."

LDS Easter 2020, Alma 7:11-12 Gethsemane puzzle, 3rd article of Faith coloring page, lds free prints and coloring pages

Download Thursday Activities Here

Definitely sing Gethsemane today. Or watch one of these people sing it:

The very famous Claire- Here

Here is another cute girl named Reese, this has beautiful art work with it. Here

Here is one from the church with Primary children singing it Here

Here is a movie put on by the church of the Savior suffering in Gethsemane:


Here is a coloring page from

Joseph Helps Pharaoh

I did change the words.

Print Here

Friday: Trial Crucifixion and Burial (Matt 27:1-61)

This is a hard day. As a church we don't focus on the crucifixion very much. There isn't much in the Friend about it either. I focused on one scripture, and I thought a lot about it. Jesus was treated so badly that he couldn't carry his own cross. But, Simon had compassion and carried it for him. I think any of us would do the same as Simon, if we could. We can't, but we can serve his children.

LDS Easter 2020, Activities for Primary age children, kids, free printable and coloring pages, Easter Good Friday, Trying to be like Jesus, Focus on service

Download Friday Activities Here

Here is the most child friendly video of the Crucifixion I can find. Put out by the church. Chapter 53: Jesus is Crucified.


Here is a printable if you are serving a neighbor, it's a great time of year to give flowers.

Prints in sets of 2

Print Here

I found these cute cookie cutters and sprinkles at Smith's. I thought that would be fun to put in the Easter Countdown, as a surprise for my kids, to let them know today we make cookies!

Saturday: (Matt 27:62-66)

Jesus's body was in the tomb while he was administering in the spirit world.

This is a great day to reflect on Jesus.

LDS Easter 2020, Saturday before Easter, free coloring and activity pages, primary music, He Sent His Son, He is Risen. Come Follow Me Easter

Download Saturday Activities Here

Sunday: Appearance of the Resurrected Christ (Matt 28:1-10)

& (3 Nephi 11:1-17)

Yay! The Resurrection! Happy Easter!

The Mask have simple speaking parts, to act out the Resurrection.

LDS Easter Sunday 2020, Free activities and coloring pages, about Christ, Book of Mormon Easter, speaking parts and masks

Download Easter Sunday Activities Here

Download in Black and White Here

Last of all, since we are learning about the Book of Mormon this year. Here is a printable that show that Christ appeared to his Apostles and to his children in America.

Also, it helps with the Primary lesson this week:

Come follow Me- For Primary page 53 “Teach the children that in addition to the people who saw the resurrected Savior in Jerusalem, thousands saw Him when He appeared in the Americas.”

You can sing the last verse in Book of Mormon Stories:

After Christ was crucified and died for you and me,

He came forth to teach the truth to all who would be free.

Hands were laid upon each child. He blessed them tenderly,

And they lived in the land righteously.

Here is a video of Jesus appearing to the Nephites:

Here is one where Jesus Christ is blessing the children:

I'm so excited to introduce to you Sister Daniels. She will be our Virtual Primary teacher until things get back to normal.

I was born and raised in Nebraska and that is where I joined the church when I was in my mid twenties.  My first calling was as a Sunbeam teacher.  I had 18 children in my class and a lovely assistant teacher.  Wow!  The majority of my years serving in the church have been in Primary.  I have been a Primary teacher several times, a Primary music leader twice, Stake Primary secretary, Stake Primary President, and now I am a Sunbeam teacher.  I love Primary!

My husband is a college professor and he is also a convert to the church.  We have have been married almost 28 years.  Our oldest daughter is 24 years old daughter and our son-in-law is also 24.  We have a 13 year old daughter as well plus a newly adopted 5 year old shelter dog who we named Tramp.  

I own a travel agency and specialize in cruises and anything Disney (which is how  Tramp got his name).  I love travel and planning travel, reading, card making, singing, playing board and card games, visiting with friends, and watching movies.  

When our Prophet announced that we weren’t going to meet in person on Sundays for awhile, I was so sad to think that I wouldn’t be with my Sunbeams each week.  I decided that I could prepare a lesson and have my 13 year old daughter record it for me.  I had never really done anything like that and it was SO easy!!  Each week I look forward to preparing and sending out the Facebook post.  My lessons are obviously geared towards young, non-readers and I follow the suggestions in the Primary Come Follow Me manual which can all be adapted for older kids.  I found The Red Crystal at the very beginning of this journey and it has been so helpful for me to be able to tell stories visually.  I pick a scripture for my focus and read it each week and then build my lesson around that.  

I am so blessed to have the gospel in my life.  My greatest blessings have come through my membership in this church.  It is my great honor to help my sweet Sunbeams feel the love of our Heavenly Father through my service to them.  

Isn't she darling?

I hope you are all well.




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