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Come follow Me- for Primary, March 14-20, Genesis 42-50, Free LDS primary lesson helps

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Come Follow Me For primary 2022, Priesthood blessings me with comfort, spiritual strength, guidance, healing, forgiveness object lesson, Love one another has I have loved you, Joseph in Egypt bible story, Joseph Smith

Because the story in Genesis 42–50 is a continuation of the story in last week’s lesson, from Genesis 37–41, take time at the beginning of class to let the children share what they remember about Joseph, including what they learned in Primary and at home.

Teach the Doctrine: Younger Children

I can show love to my family.

For young children, you may want to emphasize the parts of this story in which Joseph showed love to his family.

Possible Activities

  • Read phrases from Genesis 45:4–15 that describe things Joseph did to show he loved his family. Invite the children to pretend they are doing what the verses describe. For example, they could pretend to ask a family member to “come near” (verse 4) or give a family member food (see verse 11).

  • Sing a song about love, such as “Love One Another” (Children’s Songbook, 136).

I love this interactive primary song.

(click on the picture to take you to the page to print this)

Here are some folding coloring pages, that help teach this. One for a boy and one for a girl.

As I have loved you love one another, Free LDS coloring pages

As I have loved you love one another, Free LDS coloring pages

  • Help the children draw an outline of their hands and write in the outline something they can do to show love to their family.

Priesthood blessings help me.

Jacob blessed his sons and grandsons (see Genesis 48–49). Today we can receive priesthood blessings that give us comfort, healing, guidance, and spiritual strength.

Priesthood blessings give me comfort, spiritual strength, healing, and guidance. Puzzle, activity for kids. free LDS primary lesson helps

Possible Activities

  • Show the children a picture of Jacob blessing his sons or other pictures of priesthood blessings (see the pictures in this outline; see also Gospel Art Book, no. 12). Let the children describe what is happening in the pictures.

  • Read to the children Genesis 48:8–9. Explain that Israel, also called Jacob, was Joseph’s father and that he wanted to give Joseph’s children a priesthood blessing. If any of the children have received a priesthood blessing, invite them to tell about their experience. Or share an experience of your own.

  • Help the children think of reasons they might ask for a priesthood blessing. Also help them name priesthood holders they could ask, such as a father, grandfather, or ministering brother.

I can forgive.

What can the children learn about forgiveness from the example of Joseph forgiving his brothers?

Possible Activities

  • Use this week’s activity page to help the children remember how Joseph’s brothers had been unkind to him. Read to the children Genesis 50:17, emphasizing that the brothers were sorry for what they did and wanted Joseph to forgive them. Read verse 21 to show that Joseph forgave his brothers—he was not angry with them anymore.

  • Sing together “Help Me, Dear Father” (Children’s Songbook, 99). When you sing about forgiving, invite the children to point to Joseph on the activity page. When you sing about repenting, invite them to point to his brothers.

  • Help the children think of situations in which they might need to forgive someone. Invite the children to practice what they might say or do to show forgiveness to that person.

You can just use the scenarios, or do the object lesson.

Forgivness ideas

Teach the Doctrine: Older Children

Forgiveness brings peace.

Joseph’s brothers had done terrible things to him. Yet Joseph forgave them and brought peace to his family.

Possible Activities

  • Help the children act out scenes from Genesis 42–44. As they do, ask them how they think Joseph might have felt to see his brothers again or how the brothers might have felt when they finally recognized Joseph.

  • Ask the children what it means to forgive someone. Help them understand that forgiving someone includes treating him or her with Christlike love. Ask the children what they know about the story of Joseph forgiving his brothers, or read with the children verses from Genesis 45:1–15. What did Joseph do or say to let his brothers know he forgave them? What can we say or do when others ask us to forgive them?

  • Ask the children to think of a time when they forgave someone or when someone forgave them. To give them time to think, share an experience of your own, and testify of the blessings that came from forgiveness. Invite the children to share their experiences, if they would like to. How did they feel? What do we learn about forgiveness from the Savior’s example? (see Luke 23:33–34).

You can print the tags for this object lesson above in the "Younger Children's" section.

Forgiving object lesson, failing to forgive is like carrying a weight with us. Free LDS primary lesson helps

Heavenly Father sent Jesus Christ to save me.

The story of Joseph saving his family from famine can teach us about Jesus Christ, who saves us from sin and death.

Possible Activities

Joseph in Egypt, Bible, free LDS primary coloring pages
Jesus Christ, Free LDS coloring pages, clipart

  • Ask the children what it means to save or rescue someone. If any of them have had an experience being saved or rescued from danger, invite them to share. How did Joseph save his brothers? (see Genesis 42:1–3; 45:5–7). Show a picture of the Savior. How did Jesus save us?

Heavenly Father prepared Joseph Smith to be a prophet in our day.

Thousands of years in advance, Joseph of Egypt saw that the Lord would call Joseph Smith to do a great work in the latter days. Teach the children how the Lord has blessed us through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Possible Activities

  • Give the children descriptive clues about Joseph Smith, and invite them to guess who you are describing. Include clues from Joseph Smith Translation, Genesis 50:27–33 (in the Bible appendix), such as “he taught us about covenants” (see verse 28), “he gave us the word of the Lord” (see verse 30), and “he was named after his father” (see verse 33). After the children guess correctly, invite them to find these clues in the verses. What else do we learn about Joseph Smith from the prophecy of Joseph in Egypt?

Cover the picture of Joseph Smith with the puzzle, as the children read the scriptures remove the pieces.

(print on colored card stock, optional)

Joseph Smith, Free LDS coloring pages, Senior Primary lesson helps
  • Show the children pictures that represent important things Joseph Smith did or taught (see, for example, Gospel Art Book, nos. 89–95, 97, 98, 117, 118). Help the children think of blessings we have because of Joseph Smith. For example, how has his work helped us come closer to Jesus Christ?

Easter is just around the corner. This is an Easter Count down banner, with a surprise! Spiritual thoughts, movies and music that celebrate the Savior and the last week of His life. Each banner piece has a pocket that holds a card, that you can pull out and scan to find your movies. If you are too busy you can just read the spiritual thought.

(Just click on the picture)

For other Easter ideas you can go here:

See you next week.


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