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LDS General Conference, Free Printable's and packets, activities for children

Updated: Sep 27

LDS General Conference packet, activities for kids, and children, General Conference bingo, General Authorities, Apostles matching game, President Nelson is a prophet and a seer, Who is the speaker? Free

First activity is a great way to prepare for conference. After a match is made, you read a fun fact about that leader.

Prophets and Apostles Matching game with fun facts, Free LDS General conference printable's

Download Fun Facts Here

Download Match game HERE

Next is an activities that is so fun for families. Build a long train out of the speakers. My kids loved this!

LDS General Conference, free printable's and activities for kids, children and the family

(This has been fixed)

Download folders Here and Here and Here a blank woman Here . I forgot Elder Gong! Nothing personal (: Here he is.

For younger children, it would be fun to switch the faces around of the prophets.

The prophet leads the church, LDS General conference, activities for children, kids toddlers, file folder games and coloring pages for LDS General Conference

Download this Here

Para español ir aquí

Here is a Bingo Card, because everyone loves bingo.

LDS General Conference bingo, free

Print Here

Here is a speaker sheet for taking notes.

LDS Free General Conference coloring pages, and note taking, drawing of apostle or prophets

Print Here

A blank one for when the woman speak.

LDS Free General Conference coloring pages, and note taking, drawing of apostle or prophets

Print Here

The rest of the act-ivies, are recycled from CFM lessons throughout the years, so they may look familiar to those of you who know me(:

LDS Free General Conference coloring pages, packet. Spiritually protected when following the prophet

Print Here

Para español ir aquí

Print Here

Black and White

Para español ir aquí

LDS free General Conference coloring pages, President Nelson is a Prophet and a Seer, LDS General Conference free packet

Print Here

Enjoy having church in your pajamas!

Click on the image to be taken to Etsy.





Asegúrese de mirar las diferentes actividades anteriores, hay botones en español que puede hacer clic para llevarlo a un lugar en mi sitio web donde están en español.

Imprimir Aquí

Imprimir Aquí

Imprimir Aquí 

Miembros españoles, me encantaría dar mis materiales a miembros dignos, que puedan crear un sitio web como lo hicieron 8 miembros en Brasil. Sería un gran servicio para su gente y los niños de su iglesia. Necesitas personas que sepan traducir y tengan conocimientos básicos de Adobe Photoshop. Y poder iniciar una página web. A veces comienza cuando una persona inicia la página web y luego pide ayuda a otros miembros. Déjame saber si estás interesado. Sin embargo, no le permitiré vender mis materiales de ninguna manera. Gracias.

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