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Come follow me 2023, Free LDS primary lesson helps, July 17-23, Acts 10-15

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Invite Sharing

To help the children share what they are learning and experiencing, you could ask them to share things they are doing to show that they believe in Jesus Christ.

Teach the Doctrine: Younger Children

Heavenly Father loves all His children.

A fundamental truth that even young children can understand is that everyone is a child of God and that He loves all of His children.

Possible Activities

  • Show the picture Christ and Children from around the World (Gospel Art Book, no. 116) as you read Acts 10:34–35. Explain that in Peter’s time some people believed that the blessings of the gospel were not for everyone. But Peter learned that God loves all of His children and He wants all of them to learn the gospel.

Wix recommends we try downloading the materials, to avoid the errors. Let me know if it works.

TruthI preceieve
Download PDF • 4.14MB

Those that never had problems printing can still do this:

piecesJese with children_edited-1
Download PDF • 10.09MB
  • Invite the children to draw a picture of themselves. As they share their pictures, talk about something you love about each child. Share your testimony that Heavenly Father loves each of them and all of His children, no matter what they look like or where they are from.

Heavenly Father loves _____, Free LDS primary lesson helps, printable and coloring pages
Heavenly father loves
Download ZIP • 8.83MB

You can string these with fruit loops or cheerios with the children, or you can use them in your lesson as you talk about how Heavenly Father loves each of His children.

Heart all children
Download ZIP • 35.64MB

  • Sing with the children a song about loving others—for example, “I’ll Walk with You” (Children’s Songbook, 140–41). Invite the children to share ways that they can show love to everyone, just as Jesus did.

  • Point to each child one by one and say, “Heavenly Father loves [name].” Let the children take turns pointing to one another and saying this phrase.

Click on the image to be taken to Etsy.

I am a Christian because I believe in and follow Jesus Christ.

How will you help the children learn what it means to be a Christian?

Possible Activities

  • Read Acts 11:26 to the children, and invite them to stand up when they hear you say the word Christian. Ask them what they think it means to be a Christian. Explain that someone who believes in and follows Jesus Christ is called a Christian, so we are Christians.

  • Sing with the children a song about following Jesus Christ, such as “The Church of Jesus Christ” (Children’s Songbook, 77). How can we show that we are followers of Jesus Christ and belong to His Church? Help the children think of things they can do to follow Jesus at home, at school, and in other places.

Put each picture of a school, Park, church and home on 4 different walls. Play the song “I belong to the church of Jesus Christ”, while the children move around the room, (you aren’t watching them), when you push pause on the song. Tell them to freeze and then stand under the picture they are closest to, encourage them to say how they can follow Jesus Christ, or represent Him in that place. There is a youtube video at the end of this section that has the song you can play.

Download ZIP • 4.65MB

Here is the interactive song I made:

You can download the entire song, B&W, boy and girl, here:

I belong to the church
Download ZIP • 21.51MB

Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.

The account of the angel freeing Peter from prison teaches powerfully that Heavenly Father answers prayers.

Possible Activities

  • Invite the children to act out the account of Peter being freed from prison in Acts 12:1–17 as you summarize the story. How did Heavenly Father answer the prayers of those who were praying for Peter?

Download all this Here:

Prison Peter
Download ZIP • 7.57MB

  • Sing a song about prayer—for example, “We Bow Our Heads” (Children’s Songbook, 25)—and suggest actions to go with the words that can help the children learn how to pray. Invite the children to share examples of things they can thank Heavenly Father for and ask Him for in prayer.

  • Show pictures of people praying (see, for example, Gospel Art Book, nos. 111–12) as you share an experience when Heavenly Father answered your prayers.

Look through the pictures on the listing before you purchase, you are cutting out a square for the "HE" on the Hershey's candy bar to peek through. Click on the image.

Teach the Doctrine: Older Children

“God is no respecter of persons.”

The children you teach need to understand that Heavenly Father loves all His children, no matter what they look like, where they are from, or what choices they make.

Possible Activities

  • Ask the children if they can tell what someone is like just by looking at them or guessing where they are from. According to Acts 10:35, how does God determine if someone is “accepted with him”?

  • Read Acts 10:34–35; 15:6–11 with the children. Explain that in Peter’s time, Jews believed that God did not accept people who weren’t Jews (these people were called Gentiles). But God taught Peter that God loves all of His children, both Jews and Gentiles. Sing together “I Am a Child of God” (Children’s Songbook, 2–3). Invite the children to substitute each other’s names for words like I or me.

  • Invite the children to share something unique about someone else in the class. Explain that the statement “God is no respecter of persons” means that Heavenly Father loves all His children, and because He loves them, He wants all of His children to hear the gospel.

Print off one for every member of your class, write each person's name in the middle, and pass them around for everyone to write something about them on the outside spaces.

You can download this section Here, if the printing isn't working for you.

No respector
Download ZIP • 29.04MB

These are the same price, but you may not want to download all those donuts. Just click on the images.

A Christian is someone who believes in and follows Jesus Christ.

How can you help the children understand that their words and actions show that they are Christians?

Possible Activities

  • Invite the children to read Acts 11:26; 3 Nephi 27:3–8; and Doctrine and Covenants 115:4. Write Christian on the board and underline the part that says “Christ.” Ask the children to share what they think it means to be a Christian.

  • Ask the children to share the names of different groups they belong to, such as their family or nation. Invite them to share reasons why they are grateful to be a Christian and belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. How can we show others we are Christians?

  • Display several objects or pictures that represent truths unique to the Church of Jesus Christ, such as a picture of the restoration of the priesthood (see Gospel Art Book, nos. 93–94). Ask a child to pick one of the objects or pictures and describe how it is a blessing in our Church. Explain that while Christians throughout the world belong to many different churches, we belong to the same Church that Jesus Christ established on the earth.

Here is a cup activity, showing that we have the Church that Christ organized, that we are Christians.

If you would like to go to the page where you can print these pictures and instructions (There are also Youtube videos to help you understand better) Click HERE.

  • Show the video “True Christianity” ( Invite the children to write or draw things they can do to be true Christians.

When I pray in faith, Heavenly Father will answer.

Ponder on the times when Heavenly Father has answered your prayers. How can you use these experiences to teach the children that Heavenly Father will hear and answer their prayers in His own way and time?

Possible Activities

  • Invite the children to act out the story of the angel freeing Peter from prison while another child reads the story in Acts 12:1–17.

There are masks in the Junior primary sections.

Here is also a video, since it's not church approved, maybe just watch it with your family(:

Ask the children what they think it means that “prayer was made without ceasing” (Acts 12:5). How were the people’s prayers answered? Invite the children to share experiences in which Heavenly Father answered a personal or family prayer. You could also share an experience in which He answered your prayer. You might include experiences in which the answer came in an unexpected way. Testify that God loves us and will answer our prayers in the way and timing that is best for us.

This is from the new Era, but I think it would be great for senior primary, just click on the image to be taken to the churches website.

Look through the pictures on the listing, so you know what you are getting. Click on the image to be taken to Etsy.

Encourage Learning at Home

Invite the children to make something that reminds them of what they learned today, such as a reminder to pray.

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Patty Betts
Patty Betts
Jul 23, 2023

Thank you! I am not really "crafty" Everything I have an idea about you already have it here on this Primary Helps Page and I just hit PRINT! Thank you for your amazing talents and sharing it with ALL of US! My Primary 4 Yr. Old class Loves this great helps and so do I! THANK YOU!

Patty Betts


Lanel Gough
Lanel Gough
Jul 21, 2023

What a great Christian YOU are to provide these helps, making me a better teacher for precious primary children

Jul 22, 2023
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Ah! I see how you did that(: Thank you!


Karen Dehdari
Karen Dehdari
Jul 20, 2023

I appreciate all the effort you put into these lessons. Having the visual aids you provide is really helpful in teaching the children in a way they understand.


Zack & Alisha Alvey
Zack & Alisha Alvey
Jul 19, 2023

Thank you for all your hard work! I truly appreciate all your lesson helps and so do my primary kids ❤️

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