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Come Follow Me 2021, JSH 1:1-26, Jan 4-10, Free LDS Primary lesson helps.

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Joseph Smith's family, Joseph Smith History 1:1-26, Come Follow Me 2021, Doctrine and Covenants map of events in America. Coloring book, Heavenly Father heard and answered Joseph Smith's prayer. He answers our prayers too, President Monson story. LDS free coloring pages, Free LDS primary lesson helps

Come Follow Me- For Primary "Ask a child to hold a picture of Joseph Smith while you share some facts about Joseph found in JSH 1:3-14."

The manual also suggest watching this movie:

Help them (Children) compare details about his family and his life to their own.

Here is Joseph Smith's family in the form of paper doll chains.

Joseph Smith's Family, Lucy smith, Alvin, Hyrum, Sophronis, Samuel and William, chain paper dolls, LDS free primary lesson helps

Share your testimony that Joseph was chosen by God and prepared to be a prophet. (See "Voices of the Restoration: Joseph Smiths Family.)

I was on the facebook group "Come Follow Me For Families" and Kimberly Yuill was looking for a kid friendly map, Pamela Wheeler suggested a map that you could add things to. I loved the idea! They didn't realize it, but they did most the work, by painting the picture in my head. I want to thank them for this.

More additions will come as the year goes on.

Doctrine and Covenants Map for Kids, children Come follow Me 2021, Free LDS primary lesson helps

Download Map Here

Come follow Me- for Primary "Tell about an experience when you were confused, asked God for help, and received an answer. Help the children think of times when their prayers were answered. You could also share a story from the Church magazine about a child's prayer being answered.

You can find a bunch here:

I chose to focus on the first one on the list, about Pres. Monson and his $5 bill.

You can attach sticks and use these as puppets, or you can print in black and white for a coloring page. Or you can line up the pictures and have the child/ren put them in the right order as you tell the story.

President Monson 5 dollar miracle, free LDS primary lesson helps

Primary Manual suggest watching this:

Here is a coloring book that also tells the story:

Joseph Smith free coloring book, LDS free primary lesson helps

Mitzi at wrote the words to this coloring book.

Joseph Smith free coloring book, LDS free primary lesson helps

Joseph Smith free coloring book, LDS free primary lesson helps
Joseph Smith free coloring book, LDS free primary lesson helps
Joseph Smith free coloring book, LDS free primary lesson helps

Sing together "A Child's Prayer" (CSB 12-13)

A child's Prayer LDS primary song free printable

Print this Here

For older children

My mother-in law Sherry Wallace, made this for her Senior Primary class, it is pictionary , and a card game. So nice of her to share it with us. It is a word document, so you have to download it Here.

Help the children find words in verse 12 that describe how reading James 1:5 affected Joseph Smith. Share an experience you have had with the scriptures- for example, when you found an answer to one of your questions through reading the scriptures.

Happy 2021! Here is to a Fantastic year.





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Paloma Dove
Paloma Dove
08. Jan. 2021

Thank you for making this wonderful material available!

Gefällt mir

07. Jan. 2021


That would be fantastic! First tell me what I did wrong with what I already translated. I'm obviously not very good at this, but I feel so bad, the Spanish are God's children too and I want to offer them something to help them teach their children. So yes, please help.

Gefällt mir

GaBy Vargas
GaBy Vargas
07. Jan. 2021

I love your work and I if you want I can help you to translate in spanish!!

Gefällt mir
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