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Come Follow Me 2020, July 13-19, Alma 32-35, Free LDS primary lesson helps

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Come follow me 2020, July 13-19, LDS free primary lesson helps and prints for kids and children, free lds coloring book and pages, Alma 32-35, Plant a seed , Faith is knowing the sun will rise, teaching about prayer, What can help Faith grow tree, A child's prayer primary song prints, Zoramites prideful and humble, free lds coloring page

Summarize Alma 32:28-43; you might use "Chapter 29: Alma Teaches about Faith and the Word of God"

Come Follow Me-For Primary page 109 "Show pictures of a plant in various stages of growth, and ask the children to help you put the pictures in the correct order. Explain that as we live the gospel our testimony grows-it starts small like a seed but can become big like a tree. "

This are from Mitzi at I love how she has the scriptures associated with the pictures. Go to her website to print them. She has fantastic lesson plan ideas too.

Here is a bundle of my recycled Faith activities:

LDS Faith free printable's, free primary lesson helps, for kids and children

Draw a tree on the board, and let the children add a a leaf or fruit every time they think of something they can do to help their faith in Jesus Christ grow.

You can still draw a bigger tree on a chalk board and just use the fruit and leaves if you want.

Faith tree, free prints, LDS free primary lesson helps, Come follow Me 2020

I'm thinking small children need a little more help with ideas to "help their faith grow", so I made another set with pictures. Then you can discuss the different things as you color the pictures and add them to the tree.

Heavenly Father hears me when I pray.

Alma 33:2-11; 34:17-27

Come Follow Me- For Primary page 110 “Read phrases you have selected from Alma 33:4-11 that describe places we can pray, and help the children think of places they can pray. Invite the children to draw pictures of themselves praying in those places. Testify that they can pray anywhere, even if they are praying silently.”

Here is a cute coloring book, that has a place for them to draw where they can pray at the end.

Alma 33:4-11, free coloring pages and coloring book for LDS children. Come Follow Me 2020, Book of Mormon, Where to pray? LDS free primary lesson helps

Sing a song that teaches the children about prayer, such as "A Child's Prayer"

A child's Prayer LDS primary interactive song, free prints, Come Follow Me 2020, LDS free primary lesson helps

Download Song Bundle Here

Even with a picture you wouldn't understand how to assemble this song. So here is a Youtube.

Alma 32:1-13, 27-28

If I am humble the Lord can teach me.

Ask the children what they remember learning last week about the Zoramites (see Alma 31:8-24). Remind them that one reason Alma was worried about them was their pride (see Alma 31:24-28). Read together Alma 32:1-5, and ask the children to summarize what happened to the Zoramites who were poor. Then invite the children to read verse 12-13 to find out why Alma felt that being cast out of their synagogues was a good thing for these Zoramites. What are some of the blessings that come from being humble?

Here is a coloring page that helps with that discussion. I'm loving drawing these "bad guys" (:

Hope you are all doing well and have a great day!




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Jul 24, 2020

Loving these comments. Thanks guys. I told my kids at least someone out there loves me. 😂


Li E Nolan
Li E Nolan
Jul 19, 2020

You are the BEST ! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with us !


Sara Taipe
Sara Taipe
Jul 19, 2020

Muchas gracias, por el aporte tan valioso que nos dan para reforzar nuestras clases y ayudar a nuestr@s niñ@s a crecer en el Evangelio.


Jul 10, 2020

I LOVE the things that you do. They are such a big help. Thank you for sharing your talents.

For this week's the coloring page print links don't work. Just wanted to let you know. Thank you again. Tia

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