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Come Follow Me 2020, Sept 28-Oct 11, 3 Nephi 17-19, LDS free primary lesson helps

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Come Follow Me 2020, LDS free primary lesson helps, I know my Savior loves me, lds primary song, Family fun study activities free prints, interactive primary song, 3 Nephi 17-19, Puzzle of Jesus praying, How do I feel Heavenly Father's love for me? teaching about prayer, How would it have felt to be with Jesus, lds free coloring pages for Come Follow Me, Home and Family learning the scriptures, Book of Mormon

Come Follow Me- For Primary page 153 " 3 Nephi 17:7, 20-25 Jesus showed His love for the children when He blessed and prayed for them. How can you help the children you teach feel His love for them?

I'm starting off with a song, because I love it!

I Know That My Savior Loves Me, free LDS interactive song for primary children and teachers, For home and family home evening, hands on teaching for toddlers and kids, interactive primary song, Teaching about the Savior, Come Follow Me 2020

Download Song bundle Here

You can watch how this song works Here:

Summarize the account in 3 Nephi 17..Or you might use:

3 Nephi 17:7, 20-25, free lds coloring pages, How would it have felt to be with Jesus?

This is From Mitzi at she is so talented and has her ideas published in the ensign.

Read 3 Nephi 17:21–25 with your family, which describes the Savior ministering to people after His Resurrection. Talk about what it might have felt like to be there.

  1. Draw or write these body parts on pieces of paper: hands, feet, knees, arms, eyes, and mouth. Pass them out to different family members.

  2. Listen to “Had I Been a Child” from pages 80–81 of the Children’s Songbook (recordings are available at or in the Sacred Music app).

  3. Whenever a body part is mentioned in the song, have the family member holding that paper lift it up for everyone to see.

Discussion: Talk about how Jesus has a resurrected body and how one day we’ll have a resurrected body too. Jesus used His body to serve others. How can we serve others and show them love?

This movie is encouraged to watch again from the primary manual. If you haven't watched it yet, you really should, it brings a fantastic spirit.

How Do I feel Heavenly Father's love for me?, tags, lds free coloring pages, necklace, taking the sacrament, when others show love to me, when I pray, when I see his beautiful creations, 3 Nephi 17:7

3 Nephi 18:1-12

I can think about Jesus when I take the Sacrament.

Last year we did and entire week on the sacrament. Lots of resources, especially look at the sacrament book. I pulled that out of my church bag so many times to help my kids during the sacrament.

3 Nephi 18:15,20-21, 24; 19:16-17, 30

Jesus teaches me how to pray.

The Primary Manual encourages this:

Invite the children to point out the details in the pictures that show these people are praying. Read 3 Nephi 19:16-17 to explain that Jesus taught us how to pray. Let the children tell you how they feel when they pray.

This is from the church, I just added the scripture.

3 Nephi 18:21 praying with our families, free lds coloring pages

Sing Together a song about Prayer, such as "A Child's Prayer"

A child's prayer, sunsan finch art, interactive primary songs

You can find this Here

Teaching the Doctrine : Older Children

senior primary lds, 3 Nephi 18:1-12, D&C 20:77, free lds primary lesson helps

Come Follow Me- for Primary page 155 “Write the following scriptures on pieces of paper, and give them to each child or to small groups of children.....Invite the children to read the scriptures, looking for things Jesus Christ or his disciples taught about prayer.”

Cut out the pieces of this puzzle and pass them out to family/class members. Have them look up the scriptures and talk about what they learned. Then put the puzzle together.

Jesus praying free primary lds lesson helps for children and kids, home and family home evening. Come follow Me 2020, free lds puzzles and coloring pages, learning the scriptures, book of Mormon, Come Follow Me 2020



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