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Come Follow Me- For Primary 2021 , D&C 41-44, April 19-25, Free LDS Primary lesson helps and prints.

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Come follow Me 2021, Free LDS primary lesson helps, for children kids and toddlers, find the prophet, Doctrine and Covenants 41-44, April 19-25, Free printable's, Free LDS coloring pages. I am serving Jesus Christ when I serve others, Hearken, Hear and obey, Do unto the least of these do it unto me, Follow the prophet, Obeying makes me happy

Come Follow Me- for Primary “As the church grew and members gathered in Kirtland, Ohio, the Lord revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith what He called His ”law” and commanded the Saints to “hearken and hear and obey” it. How can you help the children understand that we are blessed when we are obedient?”

Hearken and hear and obey, free lds primary lesson helps, D&C 42:2

Come Follow Me- For Primary page “Read D&C 42:2, emphasizing the word ”obey.” Give the children a few simple scenarios in which a child chooses to obey or disobey a law or rule. Ask the children to listen carefully and smile if the person in the story and frown if the person disobeys. Share blessings you have received when you have obeyed God’s laws.”

-Mark and Lucy are throwing rocks into the pond on their vacation. They get bored and decide they would rather throw rocks at the passing cars on the road.

-Lucy was asked to clean her room before playing. She does an extra good job, even though her friends are waiting.

-Marks Mom tells him that his screen time is over, but he doesn’t listen and tries to finish his game..

-Mark’s friends told him to seal candy at the store, because he didn’t have quite the amount of money he needed. He puts the candy back on the shelf, and chooses to obey the law. (create similar stories)

I am Happy when I obey, Free LDS primary activities for teaching obedience. Free LDS printable's for teaching primary

I am Happy when I obey, Free LDS primary activities for teaching obedience. Free LDS printable's for teaching primary

Here is a cute activity from the Friend. You can print it Here

Sing a song about obeying God's laws, such as "I want to live the Gospel" (CSB 148). Tell the children how obeying God's laws has brought you happiness.

Doctrine and Covenants 42:38

I am serving Jesus Christ when I serve others.

The Lord wants His Saints to care for the poor and needy. Help the children understand that when they are serving people in need, they are also serving the Savior.

I am serving Jesus Christ when I serve others, Free LDS primary lesson helps, service, love, Come follow Me 2021

Attach the rectangles over the top of the pictures of Jesus, so the children can flip the pictures open to see that Jesus is who they are serving.

Come Follow Me- For Primary “If Jesus Christ were in our class today, what would we say to Him? How would we treat Him? Show a picture of the Savior, and explain Jesus’s teaching that when we show love to others, we are also showing love to Him. Help the children repeat verse 38 with you, a few words at a time.”

Prepare: Put the picture of Jesus over the top of the picture of the children. (You don’t want the children in your class to see that there is anything under the picture). Cut out all the hearts.

Show the children the picture of Jesus and ask them what they would do if Jesus came to class, how would they treat him? What would they say? Give each a turn to answer the questions, write their answers on the hearts. Let them stick the hearts around the picture of Jesus. After everyone had a turn to add their hearts to the picture, read verse 38, then remove the picture of Jesus to show the picture of the children. Read the hearts again saying, that we need to treat each other like they would treat Jesus.

If Jesus were to visit, what would we do, say? D&C 42:38, For inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these, ye do it unto me. Free LDS primary lesson helps, Come follow Me 2021

Download this Here

Descargar español aquí

Help the children think of ways they can serve Jesus by serving others. They can find some ideas from the video "Pass It On"

D&C 43:1-7

The Lord leads His Church through His Prophet.

Come Follow Me- For Primary “Show pictures of different people, including a picture of the current prophet. Place the pictures face down, and let the children turn over the pictures face down, and let the children turn over the pictures one by one until they find the prophet. Explain the Lord’s teaching that only the prophet is ”appointed unto you to receive commandments and revelations from (the Lord)” to lead the church D&C 43:2.”

I think it would be fun to hide these around a room with the back facing forward. With everyone found, ask the child/ren if (that person) can receive revelations for the church. Put the prophet in a harder place, play hot or cold to help them find it. Read D&C 43:2. Bear your testimony about how the Prophet leads the church.

Find the prophet, Free LDS primary lesson helps, Free LDS coloring pages, come follow me 2021

The primary manual suggest singing a song about prophets, "such as the last verse of "Follow the Prophet" (CSB 110-11)."

I really like the footprints in this old lesson from last year. Just click on the picture to take you there.

Teach the Doctrine:

Older Children

D&C 41:5

A disciple is someone who receives God's law and obey's it.

Assemble the paper chain or have child/ren assemble it. Encourage them to take piece of the chain off everyday for a week and follow the directions.

If you don't want to use your print ink, print in black and white on colored paper.

A disciple is someone who receives God's Law and obey's it. Free LDS Primary activities for older children

"Read D&C 42:61, 68 with the children, emphasizing the phrase "revelation upon revelation, knowledge upon knowledge." Explain that God does not reveal everything at once; instead, He gives us a little bit at a time. Show how a puzzle is built little by little, or use something similar to help the children understand this principle."

These cute puzzles are from Living on Lemon Lane. Just click on the picture to take you to her page.

She included a puzzle template so you could insert a picture of your child and make a fun is that?

“Show a picture of the living prophet, and invite the children to share something he taught recently. If they need help, show a video clip or read a passage from a recent general conference message. Why is it a blessing to have a living prophet today?”

I love the idea of reviewing conference, especially the prophet's talk.

Bring some colored pencils and the kids can color this while they listen to the prophet.

See you next week!

Love, Crystal


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