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Come Follow Me 2020, Oct 26-Nov 1. Free LDS primary lesson helps, and printable's

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

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Come Follow Me- for Primary page 165 “Play a game in which the children repeat basic actions that you do. Then show pictures of things Jesus did, and talk about how we can follow him.”

repeat actions, action spin wheel, LDS free primary lesson helps, come follow me 2020, free lds activities for children and toddlers

Come Follow Me- for Primary page 165 “Help them understand the qualities that Ammaron saw in Mormon when he was young, and testify that the children can be like Mormon as they follow Jesus Christ.” and “Discuss ways Mormon followed Jesus Christ.”

I can be like Mormon as I follow Jesus Christ, free lds coloring pages, Come follow me 2020, free lds printable's

Mitzi at had a really good idea, that steamed from:

Come follow Me- for Families page 167 "Beginning in the first chapter of Mormon, you will notice major differences between Mormon and the people around him. As you read Mormon1, consider contrasting the qualities and desires of Mormon with those of his people."

She created a sorting activity, and asked me to draw the Super Mormon. I think it turned out really cute.

Mormon a scripture hero, book of Mormon hero, free lds coloring pages, and sorting activities, lds free printable's

Multiple places in the children's manual and the family manual suggest pointing out the children's spiritual qualities. So going along the line of super powers, I made this:

If you really want to make your kid feel super, you can do something like this:

This cape is a a pillow case from the dollar store cut in half.

If you want a printable mask you can go here.

For a bunch of other fun ideas, go visit Mitzi at

Come Follow Me- For Primary page 166 “Read Mormon 3:3 and 9 to the children, and explain that the Nephites had not recognized that Heavenly Father had blessed them. Help the children think of blessings Heavenly Father has given them....and ask them to draw pictures of some of these blessings. Invite them to hang their pictures somewhere at home where they can see them and remember that Heavenly Father blesses them in many ways..”

Blessing's from heavenly Father free printable's, lds free coloring pages, come follow me 2020, gift's from God

The Friend has a blessing tree, that I think is really cute and great for this time of year.

Mormon 3:12

Heavenly Father wants me to love everyone.

Ask each child to draw a person on the board, and point out how each person they drew looks different from others. Draw a large heart surrounding all the drawings. Help the children understand that Heavenly Father wants us to love all people. Read Mormon 3:12, emphasizing the words "love" and "loved." What did Mormon do to show his love for others?"

I tried to think of something that will still teach this, but as a handout.

connecting paper dolls, Heavenly Father wants me to love everyone, mormon 3:12, LDS free printable's

Teach the Doctrine:

Older Children

Come follow Me- For primary page 166 “Invite each of the children to read one of the following passages, and help them share what they learn about Mormon: Mormon 1:1-3, 2:1, 23-24; and 3:1-3, 12, 20-22. Then share righteous qualities you see in each of the children.”

Mormon puzzle, free lds printable's for Come Follow Me 2020, teaching the book of Mormon to children and kids, free lds coloring pages

Invite the children to take turns reading verses from Mormon 2:8, 10-15. Help them write things they learn about sorrow under the appropriate headings on the board.



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