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Come Follow Me 2020, May 25-31, Mosiah 29-Alma 4, LDS Primary Lesson Helps

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Teaching about Nehor to children kids, LDS Primary Lesson helps, Come Follow Me 2020, Secret Service bundle, I can Share My Testimony, Nehor and the people of God, Kindness Begins with Me Primary song, Senior Primary Bingo

Share with the children, in simple terms, the story of Alma and Nehor

This is an idea from Mitzi at , I just drew the pictures. She has fantastic ideas, with not a lot of things to print out.

Come Follow Me- For Families “Another way to approach your study of Alma 1 is to compare Nehor and his followers (vers 3-9, 16-20) with ”the people of God” (verse 25-30;)...How can you be more like the people of God? Do you notice any “priestcraft” in your own service?”

Teaching children about Nehor, Alma 1:3-9, People of Nehor, people of God sorting activity, LDS primary helps

You just cut these out and have the kids sort out with strips of paper into each cup.

Teaching children about Nehor, Alma 1:3-9, People of Nehor, people of God sorting activity, LDS primary helps

Here is one for older kids that can write the lists and study the scriptures to find answers.

Teaching children about Nehor, Alma 1:3-9, People of Nehor, people of God sorting activity, LDS primary helps, LDS free coloring page

Come Follow Me- For Primary page 81 "You may not choose to tell the children much about Nehor's teachings, but they might benefit from knowing that in the Church we serve because we love others, not because we want to become rich or popular."

This makes me think of Secret Service...doing service not for any gain at all. So Here is a Secret Service bundle.

Secret Service, LDS primary lesson helps, free prints

Download bundle Here

Here is a service Bingo game for older children:

Senior Primary Service Bingo, LDS primary lesson helps, lessons on service for kids or children

Sing together a song about love and service, such as "Kindness Begins with Me"

Kindness Begins with Me, interactive primary song, free prints, LDS primary lesson helps

Print Song in color Here

Print colored attachments Here

Print Song in Black and white Here

Print Black and White Attachments Here

God will Answer my Prayers

Using tell the children how the Nephites gained strength to defeat the Amlicites.

Ask the children about things that are scary or hard for them, and testify that we can pray to Heavenly Father for help with these things.

Here is an activity/coloring page to help teach this:

Alma 2:28 When to pray, free lds coloring pages and activities

Alma 4:19

My testimony can strengthen others.

Pour some clean water into a clear glass, and explain that the water is like our testimonies, because we can share it with others.

I'm going to do this with my family. I will fill up a pitcher of water for me and small cups for them. After I bear my testimony I can fill up all their cups, then they can all have a turn to bear their testimonies and fill up everyone else's cups from their cup.

If the children would like to, let them practice bearing their testimonies. Suggest several ways they can show they know the gospel is true, including through their actions.

They can color these while you teach them about Alma and "pure testimony" in Alma 4:19, use the finger puppets to teach what is in a testimony, then they can practice bearing their testimonies....if that is something they are comfortable with.

Janell Whitney sent me a video of her daughters beautiful little testimony. I asked her if I could share a picture, because I love to show how she customized the printable to look like her daughter.

Come Follow Me 2020, Testimony, teaching children, free prints

Download Testimony bundle Here

This is for my Senior Primary YouTube lesson. I love the artist Susan Finch.

I did this last summer, and it was wonderful! So we are starting again. This year I am adding velcro.

Here is the link



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