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Come Follow Me 2024, May 27-June 2 , Mosiah 25-25, LDS Primary Lesson Helps, Free Printable's

Come Follow Me 2024, May 27-June 2, Free LDS primary lesson helps, Repent Forgive, LDS Jesus on the cross, Alma the younger, interactive activities for children

Ideas for Teaching Children

The Lord wants me to forgive.

  • To help your children discover what the Lord taught Alma about forgiveness, you could invite them to read Mosiah 26:29–31 and count how many times the word “forgive” appears. What do these verses teach about forgiving others?

Lots of Options with these cards:

1. A 4 corners ( or walls) movement activity for younger children. Tape the cards on 4 different walls and read the scripture, having the students standing under the card that says that word. You will find this activity more successful if you practice a couple of times and explain the words before you read the scriptures.

2. You can also lay the cards on the ground and have the students touch them when they hear the words , for those that can't read review with them a couple times what the pictures/words mean.

3. (For older children) You can tape the cards on the four corners of a students body (look at picture) and they can raise that body part when they hear that word. give everyone a turn you will be able to read the scripture multiple times(: Then ask What do these verses teach about forgiving others?

Mosiah Free LDS primary lesson helps, interactive activity

  • To emphasize the Savior’s example of forgiveness, you could show a picture of Him on the cross and read together Luke 23:33–34. What did Jesus ask Heavenly Father to do for the people who put Him on the cross?

  • After this discussion, your children could role-play forgiving each other.

For younger students:

  • Sometimes it is difficult to forgive ourselves when we make mistakes. How can God’s words to Alma help? Your children could pretend they are talking to someone who doesn’t think God will ever forgive them. Invite your children to find something in Mosiah 26:22–23, 29–30 that might help that person.

The primary manual has simplified, 4 years ago they suggested having the children practice saying "I'm sorry" and "I forgive you." I made this activity to go with it. It is sad to see it go to waste soo.... it is my store for purchase.

Jesus Christ helps me become more like Him.

  • The conversion of Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah could show your children that, with the Savior’s power, anyone can change. You or your children could use the paintings in this outline, this week’s activity page, and a few key scriptures from Mosiah 27:8–37 to tell the story (see also “Chapter 18: Alma the Younger Repents,” in Book of Mormon Stories, 49–52). Give special emphasis to verse 24, to teach that Alma repented and Jesus Christ helped him change. Let your children act out the story if they’d like.

If you are confused about this, there is a video that shows how I taught it, but you can teach it your own way.

Alma the Younger Repents, LDS primary lesson helps, Mosiah 27, May 18-24, Come Follow Me 2020, for kids and LDS children

Journaling and coloring for older students.

His Father Rejoiced, by Walter Rane

I can pray and fast for God to bless the people I love.

  • Read together Mosiah 27:8–24, and ask your children to identify what Alma and his people did to help Alma the Younger. Have you ever fasted and prayed for someone? Share your experience with your children, and let them share theirs.

  • Do you or your children know someone who needs God’s help? Following Alma’s example, maybe you could pray together for that person and, if your children are able, fast for them too.



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