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Come Follow Me 2020, Dec. 7-13, Moroni 7-9, Free LDS primary lesson helps, Free printable's.

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

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Moroni 7:33

If I have faith, I can do whatever God needs me to so.

Come Follow Me- For Primary page 189 “Display a few pictures that show someone from the Book of Mormon (or other book of scripture) accomplishing something important because he or she had faith in Jesus Christ...Help the children tell the story portrayed in the picture. Tell them that because these people had faith in Jesus Christ, they were given power to do what He needed them to do.”

Having faith Moroni 7:33, David and Goliath, Ammon, Nephi, Samuel the Lamanite free printable's and activities, Free LDS primary lesson helps, for junior primary and sunbeams, free lds coloring pages

The primary manual suggests reviewing the story of David and Goliath, as a good way of showing how faith gives us power to accomplish big things. We have yet to learn this story in the last two years of CFM. So I made a coloring page for those that want to teach it for the first time.

LDS free coloring pages, David and Goliath, free LDS primary lesson helps

Moroni 7:47

Charity is the pure love of Christ.

Come follow me- for primary page 190 "Ask the children to repeat the phrase with you: "Charity is the pure love of Christ" (Moroni 7:47). Help the children think of ways Jesus Christ showed love to others....How has he shown love to us? Who can we show love to as Jesus did?"

I read that and automatically thought of "Light the world." So I took some of the more kid friendly suggestions (or I turned them into kid friendly suggestions) and made a little Charity tree. Now if your family is already doing the "Light the world" calendar, which you can find HERE....your kids can still follow along with you and color and ornament when theirs is similar. Or you can let them jump ahead and complete their tree, and still do it as a family. There is no such thing as too much service.

Mitzi at has summited ideas to the church magazines and many have been published. Here is one of her ideas, in the Family Fun section.

Mormon taught that we “must needs have charity” (Moroni 7:44). Use this activity to talk about what charity means.

1. Show the picture of Jesus from page 193 of the CFM manual for individuals and families.

2. Read Moroni 7:45-47 together. As you read, write down on slips of paper phrases that describe charity (for example, “is kind”).

3. Put the slips of paper around the picture of Christ. Talk about times He acted in those ways.

4. Now show a picture of your family. Talk about what your family can do to follow Christ’s example of charity. As each idea is shared, move the corresponding paper from Christ’s picture to your family’s picture.

Discussion: Read and talk about Moroni 7:48. What can your family do to get ready to see the Savior again?

Instead of strips of paper I made these hearts:

Blank hearts for older kids to write or draw in them.

As I was making those hearts, I was reminded of this activity Mitzi and I made last year, I changed a couple of things to fit this scripture. This would be great for older children.

Moroni 7:21-22, 25, 33

I am blessed when I have faith in Jesus Christ.

"Help the children list on the board some of the "good things" that we receive through the gospel of Jesus Christ, such as having eternal families, returning to Heavenly Father, and being forgiven of our sins. Then invite the children to read Moroni 7:21-22 and 25, looking for how we can receive these good things."

Moroni 7:40-41; 9:25-26

I can have hope in Jesus Christ, even during difficult trials.

Come Follow Me- For Primary page 191 “Invite the children to write a message to someone who feels discouraged to help him or her find hope in Christ, as Mormon did for his son in Moroni 9:25-26. encourage the children to use words and phrases from these verses in their messages.”

Yay! You get to make Christmas cards! Print in black and white so you can add your personal touch.

Fill a clear container with water, and drop two objects into it- one that floats and one that sinks. Compare the floating object to a person who has hope in Christ. Read together Moroni 9:25. How does Christ "lift (us) up" when we face difficult trials? Help the children think of ways they can keep the Savior and His encouraging teachings "in (their) mind forever."

I love this object lesson and I was think about (you loyal) primary teachers that print these lessons off and send it to your primary children. So I made a label that you can attach to some little toys that you know will float and sink.

Float and sink, teaching the scripture, label and lds primary object lesson, free printable's

Some ideas for little dollar store toys that float and sink are:

Rubber bands-sink


erasers- sink

pennies- sink

plastic toys- float

wood (Jenga block)-float

paper clip- float

straw- float

Hope you have a fantastic holiday season.





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