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Come Follow Me Nov 13-19,2023, Youth Lessons, Sunday school

I have a couple of ideas for this weeks lesson:

If we endure patiently, the Lord will lead us to perfection.

I think it would be fun to take a patience test. It's meant to be a fun evaultion of their/your patience.

“Faith without works is dead.”

This idea is from "Don't miss this." Dave Butler and Grace Freeman, tell this story. You are in the dessert. Is it more important to know that bucket has water in it it? Or is more important to climb the hill?

The students may say it's more impartant to climb the hill, you could say, but if you don't know that the bucket has water in it you could be wasting your last bit of energy and die. Then they could say it's more important to know that it has water in the bucket. But if you never climb the hill then you are going to die of thirst(: I hope that makes sense, you can always watch their youtude this week to learn more. You can draw this on your chalk board, if you don't want to print.

Last one, This is from

I think it would be fun to wrap someones arm up so they can't use it at the beginning of the lesson, have everyone do some simple exercises, but they can't use their arm. Then around the end of the lesson share this.

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