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Come follow me- for Primary, May 31- June 6, D&C 60-62, Free LDS Primary lesson helps, printable's.

Updated: May 30, 2021

Come Follow Me 2021, Free Primary lesson helps, May 31- June 6, Blessings of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, being a missionary, What is Jesus Christ like? I'm trying to be like Jesus, I can open my mouth and share the gospel, Bearing your testimonyD&C 60-62

D&C 60:4; 61:1-2, 36; 62:1

The scriptures teach me about Jesus Christ.

Display a picture of Jesus Christ and ask the children to share why they love Jesus. Pick a few phrases from D&C 60-62 that teach you about the Savior, and share them with the children (see for example (D&C 60:4; 61:1-2, 36; 62:1). Help the children repeat the phrases with you. Share how you feel about Jesus Christ.

Start with the picture of Jesus, as the primary manual suggests and then have the children add the puzzle pieces around it as you read the scriptures.

What is Jesus Christ like? Jesus forgives our sins, free LDS primary lesson helps

Show a few pictures of Jesus from His earthly ministry...Let the children help you explain what Jesus is doing in the pictures. How is He showing His love for Heavenly Father's children?

Hand out the black and white pictures to the children. Laying the pieces on the ground, tell the story (one at a time of how Jesus loves and wept with the people, or how he included the man in the tree). Then (one at a time) ask the children how we can included or love and ask who has the match as you move along with the pictures and stories.

I'm trying to be like Jesus, Jesus helped, I can help, Jesus served, I can serve, Jesus included, I can include, Jesus visited the lonely

I'm trying to be like Jesus, Jesus shared the gospel, I can share the gospel, Jesus loves, I can love, Jesus was baptized, I can be baptized, Jesus gave, I can give

Sing with the children "I'm trying to Be like Jesus" (CS 78-79)

Ask the children to complete the sentence "I can be like Jesus by....."

A fun interactive coloring page. Older children can write and younger children can draw how they can be like Jesus.

I can be like Jesus LDS coloring pages

D&C 62:3

Jesus Christ wants me to share His gospel.


I can open my mouth to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is from a lesson in April, but we weren't attending church at the time. It was fantastic for my "at home" church with my kids. I'm so excited to do it with my sunbeams. You put all the pictures in the boys mouth and let the children draw them out and tell you what they know about it, or bear their testimony about it. Explain that Jesus wants us to share these testimonies or truths with others.

(Just click on the picture to take you to the page)

Haga clic en la imagen para llevarlo a la página donde puede imprimir esta actividad en español.

Smaller tags only in color Print Here

Explain that the Lord asked the prophet Joseph Smith and other Church leaders to travel from Kirkland, Ohio, to Jackson County, Missouri. He asked them to preach the gospel along the way and as they returned home. Read D&C 62:3, and ask the children to listen for what the missionaries did that pleased the Lord. Testify that the Lord is pleased with us when we share the gospel with others.

They are moving! Time to update the map. For those of you following along here is the updated map. for those of you not, and would like to, there is everything you need to get caught up.

Doctrine Covenants Map for kids, Free LDS primary lesson helps

Download Map Here

Missionary name tags for kids, free primary lesson helps

If you don't want to use all your black print ink, you can print these White Missionary Tags.

Sing together a song about sharing the gospel such as "I want to be a Missionary Now." (CSB 168)

I want to be a Missionary Now, Free LDS primary lesson helps, interactive primary songs

Print this Here

Invite them to draw pictures of things they love about Christ's gospel.

I know that mouth is not very big for drawing. But you can write what the kids will say or did say during your lesson for the parents to see how their child's testimony is growing.

I can open my mouth to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, Missionary free coloring pages, Free LDS primary lesson helps

What blessings did the Lord promise in D&C 60:7;62:3,9 to those who share His gospel?

Place all the rain drops on the board or on the ground. Read D&C 60:7; 62:3.9 All the rain drops that are what the scriptures say, or true, put in the umbrella, the other ones are just to be tricky. Then go through and review the “true” rain drops and talk about how neat those blessings are.

What blessings does the Lord promise to those who share the gospel. LDS Missionary free senior primary lesson help
What blessings does the Lord promise to those who share the gospel. LDS Missionary free senior primary lesson help

“Write What is Jesus Christ like? on the board. Read together D&C 61:1-2,36; 62:1, and make a list of answers to this question that the children find in the verses.”

Start with the picture of Jesus, as the primary manual suggests, and then hand out the pieces of the puzzle to the different children or groups of children. Have them look up the scriptures and write what they find on the piece of the puzzle. Have them tell you what they found as they place the pieces around Jesus Christ.


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Breanne Phelps
Breanne Phelps
Jun 06, 2021

I'ma busy mom and have felt so overwhelmed with life lately, your lessons have helped me so much with my primary class. Thank you for sharing your talents & love with all of us.

Jun 07, 2021
Replying to

I totally get that! But you took time to reach out and thank me, which says a lot about you(: God bless you in your calling!


Lavita Kelly Wilkinson
Lavita Kelly Wilkinson
Jun 06, 2021

Thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us each week. You are amazing.


Jun 03, 2021

Just got called so these are a lesson saver. THANKS😀

Jun 04, 2021
Replying to

Congratulations on your calling! Good luck!


May 29, 2021

Thank you so much. What a special talent you have.

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