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Come Follow Me 2023, Nov 23- Dec 3, Free LDS primary lesson helps

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Come follow me. Nov 23-Dec 3, Free LDS primary lesson helps, God is light, love God, showing love to others, light the world with love, hear hug gift card

Wix did a major upgrade, those that couldn't print before might be able to print now. Will you check and let me know?


Teach the Doctrine: Younger Children

Following Jesus brings light to my life.

John wrote about light to teach about the influence of Heavenly Father and Jesus in our lives. Consider how you can help the children learn about the light They offer.

Possible Activities

  • Ask the children to name things that give light. Talk with them about the benefits of light, like helping plants grow, allowing us to see, and giving warmth. To understand how Jesus brings us light, they could take turns shining a light at a picture of Jesus Christ as they say, “God is light” (1 John 1:5).

  • If you are looking for some movement (after you have taught about the Sun, and God being light. This should just be a review). When doing this activity I wouldn't correct anyone, just let them move and observe.

  • Testify that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ can bring light into our lives when we try to follow what They say.

Have the students draw or write in each section on the page. What are some of the things we do to follow God? Some examples of things they can draw: read scriptures, love others, follow the prophet. Then hand them the puzzle piece to cover their picture. When the picture is complete testify that as we do those things we shine God’s light.

  • Invite the children to take turns holding a picture of a light bulb or candle. As each child holds the picture, help him or her think of a way we can bring the light of Jesus Christ into our lives.

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I show my love for God when I show love to others.

Help the children see the connection between the love they feel for Heavenly Father and the love they show to His children.

Possible Activities

  • Read 1 John 4:11 to the children, and sing a song about God’s love, such as “My Heavenly Father Loves Me” (Children’s Songbook, 228). Ask a few children to share how they know that Heavenly Father loves them. After each answer, invite the children to hug themselves and say, “God is love, and God loves me.”

  • You can get this interactive song, but clicking on the image, you will be taken to my August lesson.

  • Read 1 John 4:21 to the children. Invite them to talk about or act out various ways they could show love toward a friend, such as giving a hug or making a card. How do these things make our friends feel? How does Heavenly Father feel when we do kind things for others?

Sorry the instrustions are weird, *Have the student turn the arrow to the way they like to be shown love. I recommend having the students give each other high five or knuckles, or hugs if they are comfortable with that.

You can print this in B&W so the children can color it. Print on card stock.

It might be nice to encourage your students to do this:

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I show my love for God when I keep His commandments.

John taught that God’s “commandments are not grievous” (1 John 5:3). Rather, following the commandments is a way to express love for Him.

Possible Activities

  • Read 1 John 5:3, and ask the children to listen for what this verse says about how we can show that we love God. Invite the children to name as many commandments as they can. How do we feel when we obey Heavenly Father’s commandments?

  • Invite the children to draw a picture showing one way they can show Heavenly Father that they love Him. For example, they could draw a picture of themselves keeping one of the commandments.

  • Sing together a song about obedience, such as “Choose the Right Way” (Children’s Songbook, 160–61). How do we feel when we obey?

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Teach the Doctrine: Older Children

I show my love for God when I show love to others.

How can you help the children understand that loving God involves loving those around us—even people who may be different from us or difficult to love?

Possible Activities

  • Ask the children to imagine that someone new has begun attending their school or ward and does not yet know anyone there. How might this person feel? Invite a child to read 1 John 4:7–8. What does this verse suggest about how we should treat this person? Share similar scenarios, or ask the children to think of situations in which they might have opportunities to show love.

Tell the students they are going to play hot potato with the heart, but they can't pass it till they hear the word love. Then read the scripture 1 John 4:7–8 , the last person holding the heart, gets to read the scripture again while everyone else passes the heart. Continue till the students loose intrest and/or have learned the scripture very well(:

Ask them what they think God is trying to tell us in the scripture.

Ask the children to read 1 John 4:7–8, 20–21, and invite them to each write one sentence to summarize what they think is the most important lesson in these verses. After they share their sentences, share a story from your life or from a Friend or Liahona magazine that you feel illustrates what these verses teach (see, for example, “Say Hello to Halim,” Friend, June 2019, 8–9; or Liahona, June 2019, F18–F19). Invite the children to share their own examples. How can we show love to those around us?

After you have talked about this story together. You can pass out these buckets with each students name at the top. Encourage the students to write something nice in everyones bucket.

It might be nice to encourage your students to do this:

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I show my love for God when I keep His commandments.

Obeying the commandments can be easier when we understand the truths taught in 1 John 5:3. How can you help the children see the commandments not as burdens but as opportunities to express their love for God?

Possible Activities

  • Invite the children to list on the board ways they can show God that they love Him. Then read together 1 John 2:5–6; 5:2–5 for additional ideas. How does obeying the commandments show that we love Heavenly Father?

Keeping God’s commandments helps us overcome the world.

  • Read 1 John 4:17, and explain to the children that to “have boldness in the day of judgment” means having confidence and peace when they stand before God to be judged. What does this verse teach that we need to do to have this confidence? What are some things we can do now to be confident before God?

I can be faithful even when others make fun of me.

Because we are disciples of Jesus Christ, others sometimes make fun of us for our beliefs or the way we live. These verses contain Jude’s counsel on how to remain faithful in such situations.

Possible Activities

  • Ask children to share times when others made fun of them or someone they know because they did what is right. Invite the children to read Jude 1:18–22 and look for how we can remain faithful when others mock or make fun of us. Write what they find on the board, and discuss ways they can follow this advice.

  • Summarize Lehi’s dream (see 1 Nephi 8:1–35), asking a few children to read verses from 1 Nephi 8:26–28, 33. Discuss how the people in the great and spacious building were like the mockers Jude talked about. What can we do to not be influenced by those who make fun of us or don’t agree with what we believe? (see 1 Nephi 8:30, 33).

I really like this one, if you can handle the emotions(:

Encourage Learning at Home

Encourage the children to make a plan to do something to share their light with their families.

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