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Come follow Me 2021, D&C 2; JSH 1:27-65. January 11-17, LDS Free primary lesson helps

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Come Follow Me 2021, Angel Moroni, Joseph Smith puppets, My Grandpa, My grandma interview pages, LDS free coloring pages, Doctrine and Covenants 2; JSH 1: 27-65, Joseph Smith History. Free Primary lesson helps, free prints, The hand of Elijah the prophet, sealing power, temples, ancestors, Families can be together forever, lds primary interactive song

Come follow Me- for Primary

Joseph Smith- History 1:27-54

Heavenly Father called Joseph Smith to help Him do His Work.

"Display a picture of Moroni visiting Joseph Smith. Ask the children to point out things they notice in the picture."

If you haven't used this song yet, this is a good one for teaching about angel Moroni this week.

The golden plates lay hidden, lds primary songs, Come follow me 2021, free printable's, Free LDS primary lesson helps

Print this Here

Baixar Português - Joseph / Morôni

The primary manual gives this as a resource:

Invite the children to pretend to be Joseph Smith at various points in the story by folding their arms like they were praying, pretending to climb the Hill Cumorah, and so on.

Here are some fun puppets that kids can pretend with. Attach brads to the arms so Joseph can pray and eyes slide so he can sleep and pray.

Joseph Smith and Angle Moroni Puppets, Acting out Joseph Smith History 1:27-54, Come Follow Me 2021, Free LDS primary lesson helps, printable's, finger puppets

Here is printable envelope that just teaches D&C 2 in a more visual way.

Doctrine and Covenants 2, hearts of the children, hand of Elijah the prophet, lds free printable's, come follow me 2021, free lds primary lesson helps

Download this Here

Come Follow Me- For Primary "Ask children to tell you something they love about their families. Display a picture of a family next to a temple-your own if possible (or see GAB #120). Testify that Heavenly Father wants families to be together forever, and this is one reason He gave us temples."

Here is a recycled activity, but it's been two years now...(Crazy!) so I think it would be great to bring it back.

Free printable of temple and families, free LDS primary lesson helps

The primary manual recommends singing this song together:

Doctrine and Covenants 2

Learning about my ancestors can bring me joy.

Learning about Grandparents is great too, especially now with limited visits, it would be nice to call grandma and grandpa and have them talk about themselves.

Grandma interview page, Elijah the prophet, family history, dress up grandfather, I love grandpa, Free LDS coloring pages, free LDS primary lesson helps

Grandma interview page, LDS free coloring page, I love my Grandma, Come Follow Me free prints 2021, Genealogy, family history, Free LDS primary lesson helps

Here is an idea from Mitzi at she is very knowledgeable when it come to the church magazines and found a similar idea in the Friend.

Family History Mystery, Free LDS primary lesson helps, Come follow Me 2021 free prints

Family History Mystery, Free LDS primary lesson helps, Come follow Me 2021 free prints

Here is a coloring page draw by Christy Robinson at:

I love it! Such an amazing artist. It's always exciting to find such a talented person willing to use their talents to serve others.

Please remember this is only for personal use, not for resell...just like everything else on my page.

"Explain that Elijah restored priesthood keys that allow families to be sealed together eternally. Show some objects that could help the children understand what it means to seal something, such as a can of food or a plastic storage bag with a zipper lock. How do these objects help us understand what it means for a family to be sealed?"

Here is an image you can use for ideas or teaching.

Things that can be sealed, Families can be sealed, LDS free primary lesson helps



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