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Youth lesson, LDS General conference Review

Updated: Apr 22

Use your inspiration, you can still teach your lesson and have this as a back up to get the youth to open up about what they learned from the recent General Conference.

TEXT your the parents of your student and students to brush up on their General Conference knowledge, so they can all do well with this game.


Hand out the bingo cards to your students. Let them know they can't make up stories to fill in squares. They can use their phones to look up conference talks. During discussions, ask questions that encourage them to share their thoughts and experiences. Even if they don't have much to say, it's still valuable to get the students testifying. You can decide if they can cover a square if someone else talks about it. I think I will allow it, except certain squares that were discussed extensively. For example April 2024 conference the topic "temples" were talked about a lot so my added rule will be: each student should find their own temple-related quote or story before covering that square. Feel free to adjust the rules to fit your class and your conference session.

I'm sorry this does cost money; it was a lot of work to put 20 cards together that are unique. It is only $2.25. But you are welcome to use my idea for free and make your own cards. DO NOT purchase this if you don't know how to download and open a zip file. There are a lot of cards, and this is the only way I can get them to you.

Just click on the image to be taken to Etsy.

My experience:

I just played this with my class of 10 youth, so fun! I'm really glad we had a short meaningful lesson before we played it. I told them I needed them all to focus and participate in our short lesson so we had time for our game. That was the best! The spirt was so strong and many of the students participated.

The game was what you would expect. I insisted that everyone be quiet and listen to each student share their conference insight or story. I also went around the circle making sure everyone got a turn before someone got a second turn sharing. Honestly there were some students that only got a bingo because of the things other people shared, and didn't make much of an effort. But most of the class were on their phones looking up conference talks and sharing meaningful stories and quotes. Those were the ones who went for blackout (filling their entire card) and got a second treat. When I do this again I'm going to get a small treat for bingo and a bigger treat for blackout. Where this time I just had a bunch of stuff from Dollar Tree. Which costs more than a Sunday school class should(; But it is a once in a 6 month kind of thing. I told them we would do it again, but next time they can't use their phones, only the notes they take from General Conference. We will see how that goes(:

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