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Mormon 7-9, Nov 2-8 Come follow Me 2020, free LDS primary lesson helps, free printable's

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Come Follow Me 2020 Free LDS Primary lesson lesson helps, mini book of Mormon and Bible, scenario dice, 8th article of faith, free lds printable's, free lds coloring pages, Moroni vrs Moroni Mormon's son, God of Miracles, November 2-8, free lds coloring pages

This wasn't a suggestion from the primary manual, but I think that having two Moroni's is confusing, and it's a good way to learn about Mormon's son Moroni while reviewing what we learned about Captain Moroni.

Captain Moroni and Mormon's son Moroni, angel Moroni, Book of Mormon hero's, free lds coloring pages for Come follow Me 2020, Free LDS primary lesson helps, characters from the Book of Mormon free clipart, sorting activity, teaching the scriptures to children

Come follow Me- for Primary page 169 "Display a world map or the activity page for this outline, along with the Bible and book of Mormon. Use these items to teach the children that the bible is a record of Jesus's teachings in and around Jerusalem and the book of Mormon is a record of his teachings in the Americas.

You can print this Here

Some of you have been with me for awhile and are tired of seeing that recycled printable. If that is you, I have made something else that teaches about the same thing. Mini Book of Mormon's and Bibles!

Here is a youtube that teaches you how to fold a book:

Older children

Write each word of the eight article of faith on separate pieces of paper. Give one or two words to each child, and invite the children to work together to put the words in the correct order. Then ask them to repeat the article of faith several times.

Mormon 8:3

I can choose the right even when I feel alone.

Mitzi at typed out some fun scenarios, that will help give you some ideas.

After discussing Moroni's example, share some scenarios in which a child must decide whether or not to choose the right, even though no one is looking. What would Moroni have done?"

"Sing with the children a song about choosing the right, such as "Stand for the /right". Why is it important to choose the right all the time, even when you are alone?"

(This prints small, but you can send it to a copy center to print it bigger).

Here is a Recycled printable for this song. Print this Here.

Mormon 9:7-21

God is "a God of miracles."

Come Follow Me-For Primary page 170 “Explain that a miracle is something God does to show His power and bless our lives (see Bible Dictionary, ”Miracles”). Read words and phrases from Mormon 9:11-13,17 that describe some of God’s miracles. Help the children think of other miracles found in the scriptures (pictures from gospel art book). Testify that God worked miracles in ancient times and he still works miracles today.”

Here is a little flip chart.



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Nov 06, 2020

Thank you! I really enjoy doing it so it’s nice to hear some else enjoying them too. I made this for this lesson. Usually if there is an article of faith that goes with a lesson I will make an activity to go with it, so I have a couple. If you click on all posts, you can go back and look through past lessons. There are a couple out there.


Nov 06, 2020

Our family loves your Come Follow Me materials and are grateful for all you do. This week they really enjoyed the Article of Faith rebus. Do you have additional Article of Faith Rebuses or was this created just for this lesson?

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