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Easter, Come Follow Me 2023, April 3-9, Free LDS Primary lesson helps

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Church wide, only Sacrament meeting will be held on Easter Sunday. This is the first year they have done this. So I have Easter lessons from the past, (you are welcome to click on the images) that will take you Easter activities that you can do with your family for the Come Follow Me, Easter week.

This is from Easter 2022

This is from Easter 2021

Easter 2020, I did and entire week of activities, honestly I'm a little embraced of the quality(: I've grown a lot in my art, in the last couple of years, but if you find anything you would like to use be my guest.

Lastly if you haven't got the Easter Banner from Etsy, it has pockets in the back with spiritual thoughts and qr codes to movies and music, to celebrate the Holy Week. Look through all the pictures on the listing, before purchasing, so you knowing what you are getting.

Lastly for Easter candy gifts, here is a bag topper.

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