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Come Follow Me- For Primary 2021, Dec. 6-12, Free LDS Primary lesson helps. Article of Faith

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Article of Faith LDS Free prints, coloring pages, puzzles, numbers, come follow me 2021, free LDS primary lesson helps

Invite Sharing

Toss a ball to a child, and ask the child to share something he or she believes about Jesus Christ or Heavenly Father. Repeat until each child has had an opportunity to share.

Teach the Doctrine: Younger Children

I believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You can use the Articles of Faith to review with the children some of the basic beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ. Why is it important that the children you teach believe in these simple truths?

Possible Activities

  • Choose a few articles of faith that you feel are especially important for the children you teach. For each article of faith, share a picture (see this week’s activity page) or a story (from the scriptures or your life) that illustrates or clarifies a truth taught in that article. Tell the children why that truth is important to you, and let them share why it is important to them.

LDS first 1st article of faith, We believe in God the eternal father
2nd article of Faith, Second LDS, free coloring pages, number puzzle

3rd article of faith, third LDS coloring pages

4th article of faith, fourth LDS coloring pages free

5th article of faith, fifth free LDS coloring pages

6th article of faith, free LDS coloring pages
7th article of faith, seven free LDS primary lesson helps, coloring pages

8th article of faith, eight free LDS coloring pages

9th article of faith, ninth free LDS primary lesson helps

10th article of faith, tenth free LDS primary lesson helps

11th article of Faith, eleventh free LDS primary lesson helps

12th article of faith, twelve free LDS primary lesson helps

13th article of faith for LDS children puzzle activity, free

Find hymns or children’s songs that can help the children understand one or more of the articles of faith. Perhaps the children can help you choose. Sing the songs together, and help the children see how the songs relate to the articles of faith.

This is from Mitzi at she is so fantasist! If you haven't see her page, go check it out.

The Lord guides His Church through His prophet.

As members of the Church are confronted with a variety of challenges, we can find peace in knowing that Heavenly Father is willing to provide revelation to guide us. Help the children you teach strengthen their faith that God guides the Church through a living prophet.

Heavenly Father guides us through prophets.

Possible Activities

  • Show a set of scriptures and a picture of the living prophet (or a recent conference issue of the Ensign or Liahona). Help the children determine which item relates to the phrase “all that God has revealed” and which item relates to the phrase “all that He does now reveal” (Articles of Faith 1:9).

  • Turn off the lights, and place a picture of Jesus Christ on the board. Shine a flashlight on the image to illustrate how the prophet, like the flashlight, helps us see the Savior more clearly.

Find simple directions to make something, such as food or a toy. Follow the instructions with the children, and explain that through the prophet, Heavenly Father gives us instructions to help us return to live with Him. What are some things the prophet has taught us so that we can return to God?

Teach the Doctrine: Older Children

The Articles of Faith teach simple truths of the gospel.

Sometimes the gospel can seem big and complicated, especially to children. The Articles of Faith can help the children understand, in a simple way, some of the basic truths we believe as Latter-day Saints.

Possible Activities

  • Invite each child to choose a key word or phrase from one of the articles of faith and share it with the class. Then let the other children guess (or find) which article of faith that word or phrase comes from. Ask the children to share why the word or phrase they picked is important.

  • A few days in advance, ask a few of the children to prepare to share in class a short message about their favorite article of faith. Their message could include a picture, a song, a story or experience, or other scriptures. Invite these children to share why they like the article of faith they chose.

  • Write on the board some questions people might have about our beliefs that could be answered with one of the articles of faith. Ask the children to pick a question and find an article of faith that answers it. Let them practice answering the question using the article of faith.

Prophets help us know the will of Heavenly Father.

Official Declarations 1 and 2 are excellent examples of how prophets receive and act on revelation from God. How can you help the children increase their faith that God directs His Church by revelation?

Possible Activities

  • Ask the children to find an article of faith that teaches about prophets or revelation. Invite them to share why they are grateful we have a living prophet. Share some examples of how God has guided the Church through revelation, including the examples described in Official Declarations 1 and 2, and let the children share examples they are familiar with (such as any recent changes in Church programs or policies).

  • Give the children the following scripture references: 2 Nephi 26:33; Jacob 2:27. Invite them to determine which scripture relates to Official Declaration 1 (which led to the end of plural marriage) and which relates to Official Declaration 2 (which made the blessings of the priesthood and the temple available to people of all races). Bear your testimony that the Lord reveals His will to ancient and modern prophets.

  • Write the following from Official Declaration 1 on the board: “You have to judge for yourselves.” What does it mean to judge for ourselves when the prophet receives revelation? To help them answer this question, you could share this statement from President Russell M. Nelson: “You may know for yourself what is true and what is not by learning to discern the whisperings of the Spirit” (“The Love and Laws of God” [Brigham Young University devotional, Sept. 17, 2019], 4,

  • Draw or display a picture of the earth on the board. Invite one of the children to read the last two paragraphs of the First Presidency letter dated June 8, 1978 that is quoted in Official Declaration 2 (starting with “He has heard our prayers …”). Ask the children to count how many times the words “blessing” and “blessings” appear. What blessings come from the gospel? Invite the children to list them on the board around the drawing or picture of the earth. Bear your testimony that God loves all of His children throughout the world and wants to bless them with His gospel.

Encourage Learning at Home

Help the children select an article of faith they would like to memorize, and help them make a plan to do so.

Sorry, the articles of faith took all my time, so that is all I have this week.

See you next week.


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Tatiana Leon
Tatiana Leon

Thank you. I 'm in Chile and I print and translate your ideas. I love them

Wonderful ❤️❤️


Cindy Jones
Cindy Jones

These are awesome! Thank you! Do you have these for a flash card version?


Crystal Miller
Crystal Miller

Thank you for this! We've been able to challenge our CTR 7/8 class to work on their articles of faith this year. These have been instrumental in helping our class learn!


Wonderful! 💌


Belinda Abraham
Belinda Abraham

I would like these smaller. Can you put 2 or even 4 on a page? I need them in Black and White only.


Hello Sister Abraham

You are welcome to send whatever you need to a copy center and they can alter it to help you. I’m sorry but I can’t do special orders. Hope you understand.



I want to take a minute to personally to thank you for all of the work that is put into these weekly packets. I am grateful to be able to have this as a wonderful resource


You are sure welcome, thanks for reaching out.

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