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Come Follow Me- For Primary 2022, Free LDS primary lesson helps, Sept 5-11, Isaiah 1-12

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Come follow me for primary, Free LDS Primary lesson helps, Mountain of the Lord, Sept 5-11, Isaiah 1-12, what Isaiah saw, I love to see the Temple LDS primary song, white as snow, sin repentance, We will walk in his paths, Free LDS coloring pages

Invite Sharing

Invite the children to share something they have done recently to live the gospel, such as saying a prayer, showing kindness to someone, or obeying other commandments.

Teach the Doctrine: Younger Children

In the temple we learn about Jesus Christ.

Isaiah foresaw a time when the temple, “the mountain of the Lord’s house,” would attract people from “all nations.” You can use this prophecy to help the children look forward to the time when they can go to the temple.

Possible Activities

This is really fun for small kids. You show them the temple and ask them to guess who we can see in the temple. Then you bring them up one at a time and look (open the flap). Then together as a class, talk to them about how they will someday go into the temple. Mirrors are found at Dollar Tree.

(Click on the image to be taken to the page to print this.)

You could print this on card stock and use this as a lace card. Or cover it in packaging tape of laminate and use it as a dry erase.

Temple is the house of the Lord
  • Ask the children to draw a picture of their home. Then read together Isaiah 2:2, and invite them to draw a picture of “the Lord’s house,” which is a temple. Read verse 3 together, and invite them to add to their pictures many people coming to the temple, including their families. Why do we want to go to the Lord’s house? Share your testimony of the blessings that come as we learn about the Lord in His house.

I just thought this would be a fun way to teach this scripture, with a little bit of movement(:

(Print on card stock)

  • Let a child hold a picture of a temple, and ask the children to talk about what they see in the picture. Ask them what they like about the temple. Read together Isaiah 2:2–3 and have them listen for more reasons why we can love the temple. Tell the children why you love the temple.

  • Sing with the children a song about the temple, such as “I Love to See the Temple” (Children’s Songbook, 95). Help them find words and phrases in the song that teach what the temple is and what we do there.

I've update this song with my own art, and I added the words.

I love to see the temple, Free LDS primary lesson helps

(Sorry only in color, but it's just a bit of color)

  • Draw a path on the board, and place a picture of the temple or the Savior at one end (see Personal Development: Children’s Guidebook, 2–3). Let the children take turns drawing themselves walking on the path. As they do, invite them to repeat this phrase from Isaiah 2:3: “We will walk in his paths.” What can we do to walk in the Lord’s paths?

Walk in His Paths Free LDS primary lesson helps

(Just click on the image)

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given” (Isaiah 9:6).

Isaiah prophesied of Jesus Christ.

All prophets testify of Jesus Christ, including those who lived long before He was born, like Isaiah. Consider what the children can learn about Jesus from Isaiah’s prophecy in Isaiah 9:6.

Possible Activities

  • Share with the children “Isaiah the Prophet” (in Old Testament Stories). Pause periodically so the children can talk about what Isaiah knew about Jesus Christ many years before He was born. Read to the children Isaiah 9:6, and invite them to repeat with you each “name” that Isaiah said Jesus Christ “shall be called.”

(Click on the image)

Write on slips of paper a few of the titles of Jesus Christ found in Isaiah 9:6 (see this week’s activity page). Invite each child to pick one, and help the child read the title to the class. Talk to the children about what each title means to you. Give a picture of Christ to one of the children, and ask him or her to share something about Jesus and then pass the picture to another child. Repeat this activity until all the children have had a chance to share.

Teach the Doctrine: Older Children

Because of Jesus Christ, I can repent and be clean.

Isaiah lived in a time when many of his people had turned away from the Lord. But the Lord promised them that their sins could be forgiven if they repented. He makes this promise to us as well.

Possible Activities

  • Ask the children to read Isaiah 1:2–4 and talk about some of the reasons the Lord was not happy with the people of Judah. Then read Isaiah 1:16–19 together to learn what the Lord invited the people to do. As needed, help the children understand difficult words and phrases. To help them visualize verse 18, display something bright red and something pure white. What do we learn about Jesus Christ’s mercy from these verses? Invite the children to share how they feel about Jesus Christ’s gift of forgiveness, and share your feelings as well.

This needs to be assembled before class, with all the lines cut out, layered, with this page on the top. After the kids memorize this page you remove each line, then there is a the next page, after they memorize that page (while removing pieces) you will have the third page. By the end they should be able to say the entire scripture. If you don't want to laminate, you could use masking tape and carefully remove the pieces. Or if you are worried about the layering, you can just tape everything to the chalk board and remove pieces.

Make snowflakes, you will enjoy the Christmas music in the background(:

  • Help the children memorize Isaiah 1:18. Write the verse on the board, and invite the children to recite it several times, erasing one word each time until they can recite it from memory. You could also use paper strips with words from the verse written on them. Why is it important to always remember what this verse teaches? Discuss how being baptized and partaking of the sacrament make this promise available to us.

In the temple we learn about Jesus Christ.

Isaiah’s prophecy about “the mountain of the Lord’s house” reveals some of the blessings that come from worshipping in the temple, along with other blessings to come in the last days. Ponder how you will inspire the children to seek these blessings.

Possible Activities

  • Ask the children to read about what Isaiah saw in Isaiah 2:2–3 and draw a picture of what they think it might have looked like. Explain that Isaiah called the temple “the mountain of the Lord’s house.” Why is a mountain a good symbol for the temple?

  • Invite the children to read Isaiah 2:2–3, 5 and identify in each of these verses something that inspires them to go to the temple someday. Then read verse 4 together, and discuss how the temple helps bring about the peace described in this verse. Help them think of ways they can prepare now to go to the temple someday.

Since we are talking about paths, and most of the children are baptized in senior primary, I think it would be neat to point out that they have taken the first step on that path.

I like the visual of this handout from the Friend Magazine, and I also like how it gets the children into the scriptures.

(click on the image)

Isaiah prophesied of Jesus Christ.

Isaiah prophesied of the birth of a child who would sit on the throne of David and establish a kingdom that has no end. How can you help the children you teach understand these prophecies about Jesus Christ?

Possible Activities

  • Ask the children to give examples of titles a person might have, such as titles associated with a job, a calling, a team, or a family. What do these titles say about the person who has them? Help the children find titles of Jesus Christ in Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6–7. What does each of these titles teach us about Him? What else do we learn about Jesus Christ from these verses?

I think it would be cool to have your Christmas nativity set out, and let the children ask you why you have it set up when it isn't Christmas.

You can print this one out if you would like. Just click on the image to take you to the page.

Play this Christmas Song/ video, if you make the snowflakes from the first part of the lesson, you have a serious Christmas lesson(:

Fabulous Resources:

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