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Come follow Me- for Primary 2021, D&C 12-13, JSH 1:66-75, LDS free primary lesson helps. Free prints

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Come Follow Me 2021 free printable's, Free LDS primary lesson helps, Free LDS coloring pages, Activities for kids and children to teach the scriptures, The Holy ghost book mark, The Priesthood is God's power, super powers, Priesthood puzzle, John the Baptist, interactive learning, flip pages, treasure box with key, crossword puzzle, Doctrine and Covenants 12-13, Joseph Smith History 1:66-75, Aaronic priesthood

D&C 13

John the Baptist restored the Aaronic Priesthood.

Come follow Me- For Primary "Tell the children about how the Aaronic Priesthood was restored (see JSH 1:68-70).." or watch this:

(Just click on the picture)

Display pictures of John the Baptist baptizing the Savior and restoring the Aaronic Priesthood...Invite children to share what they know about what is happening in the pictures (see Matthew 3:13-17; D&C 13; JSH 1:68-70).

John the Baptist Restored the Aaronic priesthood. come Follow Me- For Primary 2021, free printable, Free LDS primary lesson helps, Free LDS coloring pages of Baptism, Priesthood, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. Flip, interactive learning pages

(Also available in Black and white for coloring pages)

Download this Here

Help the children learn a song about the priesthood, such as "The Priesthood is Restored" (CSB 89). Invite the children to march around the room as they sing, taking turns holding the picture from this weeks outline in CFM-For Individuals and Families.

Did not make a printable for this song, but I really like this video sung by a acapella group called "Inside Out." I like the pictures and music.

The Priesthood is God's power.

Bring a few objects to class, including a key. Display the objects, and ask the children to listen as you read D&C 13 and to find the object that is mentioned in the scripture.

This would be great to do, even at home. If you don't want to gather a bunch of stuff you can use my picture.

Doctrine Covenants 13, find the object.

What can we do with a key? Show pictures we can do because the Aaronic Priesthood was restored.

This puzzles instructions are made for older children, but can just be used as a picture puzzle for younger children.

The Priesthood is God's power, interactive puzzle for Come follow me 2021, Free LDS primary lesson helps, D&C 13, teaching the Aaronic Priesthood, scriptures to LDS children and kids

My daughter with her fierce super hero face. If you want super hero mask, you can go Here. If you do this activity, I would love it if you shared pictures.

The Priesthood is God's power, super power arm shield


I can be baptized.

Show the video "Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood". Pause the video occasionally to ask the children questions such as "Why did Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery go into the woods?" and "How do you think Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery felt after they were baptized?" Ask them to share how they think they will feel when they are baptized.

Here is that video: (Just click on the picture)

Emphasize the joy Joseph and Oliver felt, and tell the children about your baptism. Invite them to draw a picture of themselves being baptized one day.

Here is a coloring page that can help encourage the drawing.

Free LDS coloring pages for baptism, Picture me Baptized, Free LDS primary lesson helps

Teach the Doctrine: Older Children

Give the children a few minutes to make a list of everything they know about John the Baptist, and then allow them to share what they wrote. Invite the children to read...Matt 3:13-17; D&C 13; JSH 1.

I love getting my kids into the scriptures.

John the Baptist, Senior primary LDS free primary lesson helps, Come Follow Me 2021 free printable's, crossword puzzle. Teaching kids, children the scriptures

Mitzi at also made a box this week. She made a lot more stuff to put in her box, and I have to say hers is cuter than mine. ): It's a good thing we aren't competitive. (: If you like this idea, you should go see hers.

Come follow Me- For Primary. “Put pictures of Baptism and the sacrament in a container that requires a key to open. Discuss why keys are important, and let the children use the key to open the container. Invite the children to read D&C 13 and find words and phrases that teach them what blessings come from the Aaronic Priesthood.”

I receive blessings through the Aaronic Priesthood. Come follow me Free printable's, Free LDS primary lesson helps. Treasure box with key, free LDS coloring pages

Show the video "Blessings of the Priesthood", and ask the children to identify ways people in the video are blessed because of the priesthood."

JSH 1:73-74

The Holy Ghost can help me understand the scriptures.

Invite the children to make a bookmark that they can put in their scriptures to remind them to seek the Holy Ghost's help when they read. Perhaps they could find an inspiring phrase in Joseph Smith- History 1:74 that they could write on their bookmark.

The Holy Ghost can help me understand the scriptures, free LDS coloring pages, Come follow me free printable's. Book mark for Senior primary children, Free LDS primary lesson helps

If you are recording CFM video's for your primary kids, grandkid, etc....already, and wouldn't mind sharing, please do! I would love to add more youtube primary to my page.

Thank you,




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