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Come Follow Me 2024, May 6-12, YM &YM LDS Free Youth Lesson helps

Updated: May 10

Come Follow Me 2024, May 6-12, Young Men and Young Woman, Free Youth lesson helps

The Lord provides prophets, seers, and revelators to benefit mankind.

When Limhi heard Ammon’s testimony that the Lord had raised up a seer, Limhi “rejoiced exceedingly, and gave thanks to God” (Mosiah 8:19). Why do you think he felt that way? What do you learn about seers from Ammon’s words in Mosiah 8:13–19?


Develop a spirit of inclusion. You may want to consider beginning each class with a question to which all class members have an opportunity to respond. This could help set the expectation that all are encouraged to participate in the discussion for the day.


Here is my 1st idea. I am a very visual person....if you don't know this about me yet, then let me welcome you into my world(: As always go by your own inspiration and needs of your students.

I am going to have 3 circles available, like this. If you can magnet them to your board, because you will need to move them around.

Separate your class into 3 groups. Give each group a circle and 2-3 minutes to look up there scripture/quote and record it on the circle. Then have them pass their circle to the next group. The directions for each group is right on the paper, if you don't cut out the circles they can just read on the paper what their group needs to do. OR cut it out and tape the directions on the back of the circle.

Here is the quote Group 3 will need for Seer.

After gather all the circles back from the students. Have fun with this, let them explain their pictures or what they wrote, ask questions, let them teach you.

I would stack them on top of each other like a sandwich, it might look like this:

Other great questions:

Today, we sustain the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles as prophets, seers, and revelators. How have they been “a great benefit” to you? (Mosiah 8:18). What have they taught you about Jesus Christ?

How can you, like Ammon, speak boldly about the need for prophets, seers, and revelators? (see Mosiah 8:13–18). For example, what could you share with your family or on social media about:

Last month, we heard from prophets, seers, and revelators in general conference. What messages inspired you? What will you do differently based on what you learned? What did the Lord’s seers say about “things which are to come”? (Mosiah 8:17).

See also Gospel Topics, “Prophets,” Gospel Library.

I can face my challenges “in the strength of the Lord.”

Zeniff admitted that his mistakes had put his people in a difficult situation. But later, during battles against the Lamanites, he helped his people face their challenges with faith in the Lord. As you read Mosiah 9–10, look for what Zeniff’s people did to show their faith. How did God strengthen them? How has He strengthened you? What does it mean to you to go forth “in the strength of the Lord”? (Mosiah 9:17; 10:10–11).

Honestly, I never really understood the confusing story of Zeniff until I had to learn it to make this map. Now that I can see it, it totally makes sense.

DON'T Throw this away, we will be adding to it.

I apologize if you printed early, the map has been updated as of May 10th.

Download this map HERE and B&W HERE You will need to know how to download and open a zipped file.

Here is a video on how to teach it, but you can alter it to apply more to this lesson, by focusing on the messages that the manual provides. As always go by your own inspiration.


My choices can influence generations.

As you read Mosiah 10:11–17, identify how the actions and attitudes of previous generations of Lamanites affected the generations that followed. What does this suggest about how your choices may affect others—for good or bad—including people who are not yet born?

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Jacque Caballero
Jacque Caballero
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So glad to know that you have this content for the youth too. I used to use your blog weekly for primary.

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Yay! I Just started doing YW and YM lessons.

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