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Come Follow Me 2020, May 4-10, Mosiah 11-17, FHE and Primary lesson helps

Updated: May 9, 2020

A light that can never be darkened Mosiah 16:9, free coloring page, Come Follow Me 2020 free printable's and activities for primary age children, Mosiah 11-17, Masks for acting Abinadi and king Noah, !0 commandment activities, puppets for telling the scripture stories, LDS free prints

Come Follow Me- For Primary page 69 "Summarize the account of Abinadi, King Noah, and Alma found in Mosiah 11-13 and 17.

Here are some puppets for telling the story:

LDS Puppets for telling the story of Abinadi and King Noah, LDS free primary lesson helps, Free lds coloring pages, Abinadi and King Noah in the fire

Print Here

Black and White

You might use "Chapter 14: Abinadi and King Noah"

Invite the children to act out the account, giving them turns to play different roles.

Here are some Mask to help inspire acting. My kids see me making these and they already call out who they want to be. My son says he wants to be Abinadi because he can take his shirt off(:

Acting out King Noah, Abinadi, Alma and 2 wicked priest. Acting Masks, Free lds primary lesson helps and FHE, Mosiah 11-17 acting for kids, and lds children, free prints

Download Colored Masks Here

Download Black and White Masks Here

Junior Primary with Sister Daniels:

March in place with the children as they sing a song that inspires courage, such as "I Will Be Valiant"

I will Be Valiant, children primary song, LDS, Primary lesson helps, 162, interactive song for primary age children

Download this Printable in Black and white and also Color HERE

Come follow Me- for Primary page 70 “Invite the children to count to 10. Or give them 10 number pieces of paper and let them put the papers in order. Explain that Heavenly Father gave us Ten Commandments to help us return to live with Him.”

Ten commandment number printable, lds primary lesson helps, come follow me free printable's

Print Here

Black and white

Come Follow Me- For Primary page 70 “Show a picture of Moses with the Ten Commandments, and briefly explain how Moses received the commandments from God (see Exodus 19-20). Then show a picture of Abinadi, and tell the children that Abinadi reminded King Noah and his priests about the Ten Commandments. Choose a few of these commandments from Mosiah 12:33-36 and 13:11-24...discuss the blessings that come from obeying those commandments.”

May 4-10, Ten commandment wheel, Abinadi and Moses, Free Printable's for LDS Primary lesson helps children and kids, interactive printable, to teach the scriptures

Download the Color and Black and White Here

Sing a song about commandments, such as "Keep the Commandments"

I must be on a role, because it's another wheel...ha ha

Print this Here

Here is a Ten Commandment Matching game, after each match is made you can talk about what blessings can come from keeping that commandment. Or do as the Primary manual suggests and think of creative ways to help each other remember that commandment.

Print Here

I think it's important to teach, and point out the the true hero in these stories is our Heavenly Father and Savior. So I made a coloring page from one of my favorite scriptures in these chapters.

Free LDS coloring page of Mosiah 16:9, A light that can never be darkened

Print Here

Come Follow Me- For Individuals and Families "Mosiah 14. In this chapter you will find several words and phrases that describe Jesus Christ. Maybe your family could list them as you find them.

Our list was more like pictures, but it will be on our wall this week so we can go back on and talk about it.

Here is additions to last weeks Map, for Senior Primary. There is a YouTube to help you know how to teach it.

Print Here

President Monson's last address:

Also for Senior Primary is the Fantastic video "Dare to Stand Alone" Here is the link



Imprimir aquí

en blanco y negro

No estoy traduciendo las máscaras porque toda la escritura se corta. Si quieres las máscaras se puede descargar el color en el primer enlace y blanco y negro en el segundo.

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en blanco y negro

Imprimir aquí

en blanco y negro

Imprimir aquí

en blanco y negro

Imprimir aquí

en blanco y negro

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Imprimir aquí

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