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Come Follow Me 2020, June 8-14, Alma 8-12, LDS Free Primary Lesson Helps

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Come Follow Me 2020, June 8-14, Alma 8-12, LDS Free Primary lesson helps for children and families, Missionary bundle, I can be a good friend like alma and Amulek, We'll bring the World his truth, children's song book 172, LDS free coloring pages, Body spirit mitten, missionary flip chart, Hard heart soft heart

Come Follow Me- For Primary "Invite the children to describe what missionaries do to tell you about any about anyone they knew who is serving a mission. What do missionaries teach people?"

Here is some missionary printable's that I've collected in a bundle. I changed the questions to fit this weeks lesson.

LDS Free Primary lesson helps for children. Missionary game, Missionary name tags and Do missionaries just knock on doors? Free Missionary Bundle

Download Missionary Bundle Here

(Some people are having problems with downloading on their phones, there are ways to do it, you may have to google it. I recommend downloading on your home computer if you can't figure it out.)

The primary manual recommends watching the first part of this video. I advice watching as a parent first, so that if you don't want your children to see the explanation of the people being-burned, then you will know when to stop the video.

The primary manual suggests reviewing this song:

I want to be a Missionary Now, Free interactive song, LDS Primary Lesson helps Free

Hopefully you still have it printed off from three weeks ago, if not, you can find it here

"Help the children repeat a gospel truth several times, such as "The Book of Mormon testifies of Christ" or "I know Jesus loves me"

I know that missionaries don't use the old flip charts anymore, but I think it would be fun for kids to have something they can color to remind them what to say when they are practicing being a missionary.

You can clip them together with a metal ring to create their little flip chart.

Thank you Janell Whitney for the picture.

LDS free coloring page, missionary flip art for lds primary children, LDS primary lesson helps, free Come follow Me

Print Here

"...Invite children to take turns selecting a piece and adding it to the puzzle as you read what is written..Help the think of people they can be a friend to. Testify that Jesus Christ is the greatest friend we can have."

I can be a Good Friend, Free LDS coloring pages, and puzzle, Alma 8:18-29, LDS free Primary lesson helps

Print Here

Black and white

Alma 11:43-44

After death, I will be resurrected.

Amulek taught the people of Ammonihah about the Resurrection. How can you help the children you teach understand what it means to be resurrected?

Use your hand to represent a spirit, and use a glove to represent a body....Let the children take turns putting the glove on and taking it off as you read Alma 11:43 to them.....testify that Jesus Christ made it possible for everyone to be resurrected.

Alma 11:43-44 Resurrection Mittens, LDS Free Primary Lesson helps

Download Mittens Here

Invite the children to listen for ways they can prepare to share the gospel as they sing a song about missionary work, such as "We'll Bring the World His Truth"

We will Bring the world his Truth, interactive lds primary song, Armies of Helaman, LDS primary lesson helps

Download Song Bundle Here

Read a few verses from Alma 11 or 12 that teach about (the plan of redemption).

Print Here

Black and White

Print Here

Black and White

Alma 12:10

If I don't harden my heart, I can receive more of the word of God.

Alma 12:10, Hard Heart, Soft Heart, Free LDS Primary lesson helps, Come follow Me Free prints

Download Bundle Here

What a fun week! Hope you enjoy teaching with beautiful words of God.





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