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Come follow Me 2024, July 15-21, Alma 30-31, LDS Free Primary Lesson Helps

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Come Follow Me 2024, July 15-21, Free LDS primary lesson helps, object lesson, binoculars, korihor and Alma

The Book of Mormon warns me against false teachings.

  • Consider displaying some items (such as money or food) and toy imitations of these items. This could lead to a discussion about how to know the difference between things that are real and things that are false. Then you could help your children identify from Alma 30:12–18 the lies or false teachings that Korihor taught about God. In Alma 30:32–35, how did Alma respond to those lies? What do we learn from his example?

Which one is the real can of soda? They obviously aren't allowed to touch or pick up, just look. When the votes are placed the can of soda that everyone thinks is the empty, let them crush it with their foot. The full can can't be crushed. If your students are old enough you can apply that the false teachings are empty of the spirit and the true doctrine has the strength to see us through hard times.

Use canning jars or cups to tape the people to:

Korihor vrs. Alma sorting, who said it? Alma 30, LDS free coloring pages, LDS free primary lesson helps for children and kids, Book of Mormon

All things testify of God.

  • Alma talked about how things in the sky and on the earth testify that God lives. If possible, take a walk outside with your children or stand at a window as you read Alma 30:44. Ask them to point out things they see that help them know that God is real and that He loves them. They could also draw pictures of things they discover (see this week’s activity page).

  • While you and your children sing “My Heavenly Father Loves Me” (Children’s Songbook, 228–29), pass around a ball or other object. Periodically stop the music and ask the child holding the object to share one thing Heavenly Father created that he or she is grateful for. Love this!

You can also flip it the other way if you want the pictures on the outside of the binoculars. Mitzi has some extra fun instructions to go along with with on her page

I suggest printing these on card stock

My Heavenly Father loves me, free lds prints and primary lesson helps for children and kids

under sheet

The word of God is powerful.

  • How can you help your children understand that the word of God is more powerful than “anything else”? (Alma 31:5). Consider asking them to think of something or someone powerful, or show pictures of a few powerful things. What makes them powerful? Read Alma 31:5 together, and ask your children what they think this verse means. Share an experience when the word of God had a powerful influence on you.

This is in my store

It's available in B&W

Print on card stock

Heavenly Father hears my prayers.

  • Briefly summarize the story of Alma and the Zoramites, using verses from Alma 31:8–35 (see also “Chapter 28: The Zoramites and the Rameumptom,” Book of Mormon Stories, 78–80). Help your children identify things the Zoramites said in their prayer (see Alma 31:15–18) as they help you build a Rameumptom tower with blocks or rocks. Explain that this is not how we should pray. As you and your children talk about how we should pray, let them remove the blocks or rocks one at a time. Maybe they could keep one of the rocks by their bed as a reminder to pray every morning and night. They might enjoy decorating their rock.

This is the under sheet to your puzzle. After talking about the way that the Zoramite's prayed, put the pieces over the top of the way we should pray.

Cut this one out, to put over the top.



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