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Come follow Me- 2020, July 27-Aug 2, Alma 39-42, LDS Free primary lesson helps

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Come follow me 2020, Free LDS primary lesson plans, If the Savior Stood beside me, Corianton and Shiblon, Alma 39-42, Free lds coloring pages, scripture match up, repentance of Corianton, Death, Resurrection, Spirit World, Judgement, lesson dice

Come follow Me- for Primary page 117 "Play a which the children follow or imitate you...Let each child have a turn being a leader or example. Ask the children how they can be a good example to someone."

Assemble the dice and have the children take turns being a leader, they can choose which one of the actions the other children will follow them in doing.

Do as I'm doing, leader dice, how can we be a good example to someone. LDS free primary lesson helps

Show pictures of Jesus doing good things, and explain that He is our perfect example. Explain that we can be good examples, like Jesus was.

"If the Savior Stood Beside Me" is a great song to sing when teaching theses principals of the gospel.

If the Savior Stood beside me, interactive lds primary song, free lds primary lesson helps for children and kids

Print Main in color Here

Print Main page in B&W Here

Print attachment page in color Here

Print attachment page in B&W Here

Without going into detail about the nature of his sins, explain that Corianton made a wrong choice. What could we say to help him? Read to the children what Alma, Corianton's father, said to him: "Ye should repent and forsake your sins" Alma 39:9.


Ask the children to share an experience when they got hurt. What did they do to help their injury heal? Explain that sin injures our spirits, but the Savior can heal us when we repent.

Corianton, ye should repent and forsake your sins, Alma 39:9, injured, ban-aid repentance activity

This is from Mitzi at asked me to make something to go with the Family Fun section in the Ensign. This is what it says:

Read Alma 42:4 together and talk about how this life is a time for us "to repent and serve God."

  1. Sit in a circle and give each member three index cards.

  2. on two of the cards, write good choices. On the third card, write a bad choice.

  3. Turn the cards face down and mix them up in the middle of the circle.

  4. Take turns flipping over one card at a time. When someone reads a good choice, give the person a high-five (or another gesture that means "Good job!" in your culture).

  5. When someone reads a bad choice, the person shares something they could do to repent and serve God instead.

Discussion: Testify that Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to change and become better people. How can we use our time this week to follow Him and serve God?

Come Follow Me 2020, Family fun Ensign Activity for children

Here are some blank ones for writing your own ideas on.

For a second page of this game go to Mitzi's website

Alma 40:23

I will be resurrected.

While you read Alma 40:23, show a picture of the resurrected Savior.

Here is a recycled mitten activity from Easter that demonstrates how the Savior was resurrected.

Jesus Christ resurrection mitten, LDS free primary lesson helps

Print top (colored) mitten Here

Print bottom (Black and White) mitten Here

Testify that repentance is possible through Jesus Christ and His Atonement. Read together Alma 39:10-14 to find other things we can do that will help us repent and avoid sin.

Here is a recycled slide activity that teaches this.

Because of Jesus Christ's Atonement the wonderful gift of repentance is available to me. Free prints, LDS primary lesson helps, coloring pages and interactive activities

You can find it Here

Teach the Doctrine: Older Children

Alma 39:1,10-11

How was Corianton's brother Shiblon a good example?

Corianton and Shiblon, interactive activity for lds primary children, lesson helps

Here is a story told by Pres. Hinkley about two brothers, one being a very good example.

For older kids: Place these on the board in random order. Help the children understand what these terms mean. Read Alma 40:6-7,11-14, and 21-23 with the children, and ask them to put the words on the board in the order in which they occur.

For Younger kids: Tape each of these on 4 different walls in a room. Teach the children what these words mean. Read Alma 40:6-7, 11-14. and 21-23. When the children hear any of these words, they run and stand under the picture/word.

Alma 40 four corner activity for lds primary lesson helps

Write on the board a list of questions that can be answered by Alma 40, and invite the children to match each question with the verse that answers it...Encourage them to share why we are grateful for heavenly Father's Plan.

These are small, for those teaching a large group, you may want to make them bigger, if you don't have those computer skills, you can always send it to your local copy center.

Alma 40 scripture question match up, LDS primary lesson helps

Alma 40 scripture question match up, LDS primary lesson helps

Alma 40 scripture question match up, LDS primary lesson helps

Here is one more visual that might be helpful for teaching about the Resurrection and Alma 40.

LDS primary lesson helps free prints, teaching about the resurrection. paradise and prison

You can find it Here

Encourage Learning at Home

Encourage the children to thank a family member who has been a good example to them and to think of one way they can be good examples this week.

thank you card, free LDS primary lesson helps

Another fantastic week. Hope you have a great time teaching.







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