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Come Follow Me 2020, Aug 10-16, Alma 53-63, Free LDS primary lesson helps

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Come Follow Me 2020, Aug. 10-16, Alma 53-63, Lamanite necklace, I can be faithful to God like the Stripling warriors, game board, Mothers and Fathers helped the stripling warriors, Helaman's Feelings, Free LDS primary lesson helps and printable's for children and kids. When I am____, I am like a stripling warrior!

These chapters always make me cry. I'm not sure if it is because I have 4 boys of my own, but it is so very touching to read how much these parents loved their warriors. I want to compliment all of you parents and the teaching you are doing for your children. Way to stick with it!

The theme this week is:

I can be faithful to God like the stripling warriors.

The manual recommends this movie put out by the church:

Come Follow Me- For Primary page 125 "Invite a girl and a boy to represent the mothers and fathers of stripling warriors. As you read Alma 56:27 and 47-48, give these children items to hold that represent the "provisions" the father sent and scriptures to represent the mothers' teachings. Ask the children to share things their parents provide for them or teach them.

This is a coloring page where the children can color while they listen to the scriptures and draw in the parents hands the things that the scriptures mention..."provisions" and scriptures.

Mothers and Fathers help the Stripling Warriors, Alma 53:27 and 47-48, LDS free coloring pages for stripling warriors

This is a late edition, because I love Mitzi's idea at, this is what she says:

We Do-Nut Doubt– This one’s a little bit of a stretch, and we’re probably going to be kind of silly with it, but here’s the plan. Explain that the mothers of the stripling warriors taught them many things. One thing their mothers taught them was “that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them” (Alma 56:47). The stripling warriors said, “We do not doubt our mothers knew it.” (Alma 56:48). Discuss: What are some things Mom/Dad have taught you that you don’t doubt? Before each kid can get a donut, have them say, “I do-nut doubt that ______,” and fill in the blank with something spiritually-related.

I love it!

I just got called to be a Sunbeam teacher in my ward...Yay! Primary forever! I want to take my kids a packet of this weeks CFM activities and a treat that goes along with the lesson. So I made a little donut tag.

Ready to be taken to my primary kiddos.

Come Follow Me For Primary page 125 “Read 53:20-21, and help the children understand what words like valiant, courage, strength, and true mean. Describe how the stripling warriors showed these qualities. Make simple name tags for the children that read, ”When I am_______, I am like a stripling warrior!” Help the children fill in the blank with a quality they choose from Alma 53:20-21.”

So many years of serving in scouts has paid off(:

Stripling Warrior, Lamanite necklace, free LDS printable's and primary lesson helps, name tag

Stripling Warrior, Lamanite necklace, free LDS printable's and primary lesson helps, name tag

A Lamanite necklace, what kid doesn't want that, right? We get to go to church this week and my daughter says she is wearing her Lamanite necklace to church. I love it!

Stripling Warrior, Lamanite necklace, free LDS printable's and primary lesson helps, name tag. Valiant, strong Courage, and true

Help them think of ways they can be like the army of Helaman, sing together "We'll Bring the World His Truth"

We will Bring the World His Truth, Interactive primary song, Free lds prints

Download Bundle Here

Alma 58:32-41

When I am worried, I can trust God.

When he and his armies faced hard times, Helaman trusted the Lord. What can the children you teach learn his example?

.. talk about how Helaman was worried because his army didn't have enough food or enough men to keep fighting (see Alma 58:32-41). Ask the children to share times when they were worried. Read Alma 58:37 (or help a child read it), and help them change the face....What can we do when we feel worried? Sing together "Smiles"

I got my degree in Child development and learned how very important it is to talk about feelings. This just makes me love the Primary manual even more, and shows how developmentally appropriate it is for teaching the gospel to children. OMgoodness, the church is so stinkin true! (:

Helaman's Feelings, Alma 58, LDS primary lesson helps, free prints

Write on some slips of paper a few things that children might worry about. Let the children take turns choosing a paper for you to read, and invite the children to share how God could help them with each of these worries. Share an experience in which God helped you when you were worried.

worries, God can help me with my worries, LDS free primary lesson helps and printable's

For the Senior Primary portion of this lesson I made a game board to teach the lesson about the Stripling Warriors.

I can be faithful to God like the stripling Warriors, Free LDS primary lesson helps, and prints for kids and children.

Here are the warriors weapon and armor.

Alma 61:3-14

I can choose to not be angry.

Moroni falsely accused Pahoran, but instead of getting angry, Pahoran said, "I...rejoice in the greatness of your heart" Alma 61:9.

Invite the children to think about a time when they were accused of doing something they didn't do. Tell them about how this happened to Pahoran (see Alma 60-61). You might use "Chapter 35: Captain Moroni and Pahoran".

Here is a talk by Elder Bednar about not being offended.

Love the object lesson in this weeks Come Follow Me- For Individuals and Families. Boiling a potato and a egg, which one was softened by the "trial"? Be a potato not an egg.

Hope you have a great day!





Un agradecimiento especial a Larissa Domínguez, por ayudar a traducir esta actividad. Realmente quería que fuera correcto para ti.

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Aug 10, 2020

If you send it in pdf format to a copy center they can usually edit it. You just might need to call them first to make sure.


Aug 10, 2020

Hey Melanie I can if you want but it will be the same format. I make these in photoshop elements. Unless you have that program or any other photoshop I don’t think you are going to be able to edit them. Maybe ask around and see if a friend or neighbor has photoshop and would be willing to do it for you.


Aug 10, 2020

will you send the stripling warrior game to my email that I might add songs to some of the squares where there are scriptures. I tried to edit and it would allow me to


Aug 09, 2020

Oh. I get it. Makes perfect sense! It will not allow me to edit. Thank you so much for all you do to help continue to teach the gospel to our primary children. ❤️


Aug 09, 2020

Thanks Melanie I actually did that on purpose. I figured more than one person would play and land on those spaces more than once. You are welcome to edit. Thanks for asking.

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