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Come follow Me 2020, Alma 17-22, June 22-18, LDS Primary Lesson Helps, for children and kids

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Come Follow Me 2020, Instrument in my hands Alma 17-22, Masks of Abish, Lamoni's wife, queen, King Lamoni, Ammon, Tools, Ammon teaching, Service dice, LDS free coloring pages, LDS primary lesson helps for children and families, Abish knocking on doors.

Alma 17-19

I can share the gospel with others.

Come follow Me- for Primary: Help the children act out Ammon's story...If you think the children would enjoy it, bring simple costumes and props.

Ammon, Queen, King Lamoni, and Abish Masks for acting out the Ammon story, Alma 17-22, teaching the scriptures to kids, lds free lesson helps, for families and children, come follow me 2020, free

Download Bundle Here

The primary manual also suggests watching this movie:

Display an instrument or tool, and talk to the children about what it is used for. What other tools do the children know of? Explain that just as we use instruments or tools to get things done, Heavenly Father can use us to do His work. Read Alma 17:11, and explain that Ammon and his brothers were Heavenly Father's instruments to help the Lamanites learn the gospel.

This was super fun to make, the different tools match up to scriptures from the story of Ammon.

I used the small one to make a tool belt for my daughter, but the tools were kind of small, so I made it bigger, for those that what to use it as a display. Disclaimer: The hat isn't amazing, I just made it to complete the look, so print that at your own risk(:

Alma 17:11, an instrument in my hands, tool belt and hard hat, LDS primary lesson helps for children and families, Free prints, Come Follow Me 2020

Download bundle Here

Come Follow Me- For Primary page 99 “Show pictures representing some of the truths Ammon shared with King Lamoni, found in Alma 18:24-40”

Ammon taught King Lamoni Gospel truths, Alma 18:224-40, Come Follow Me 2020, LDS primary lesson helps free prints

I ran out of time and didn't do a black and white version, but you can print this in black and white setting on your printer.

Invite the children to run in place and pretend to knock on doors as you tell the story of Abish going from house to house (Alma 19:16-34).

Here are some doors. Cut on the dotted lines, and tape/glue a blank page to the back. Then the children can draw pictures of people (behind the doors) who they want to share the gospel with.

Abish free lds coloring pages, primary lesson helps, Come follow me 2020 free prints

Abish free lds coloring pages, primary lesson helps, Come follow me 2020 free prints

Lucy wants to share her testimony with Me (middle), her sister and her Dad. Love this picture! I'm so glad it is being added to this page and will be here for a long time.

The Primary Manual recommends watching this Movie:

Ammon's love and service softened the hearts of King Lamoni and his father. What can the children learn from these accounts?

Here is a little game you can play as a family/class to keep the focus on service.

The Primary manual didn't pick a specific song for this week. This is a good one to review.



encontrar la canción aquí

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Jun 22, 2020

Thanks for your materials. What a great service you are doing and the ideas are awesome.


Jun 21, 2020

Gracias por ser amable. Siento que fuera tarde.


Nayi Naranjo
Nayi Naranjo
Jun 21, 2020

Gracias hna, de casualidad en estos días vas a subir el material en español?

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