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Come Follow me 2024, June 3-9, Free LDS youth lesson.

Updated: Jun 5

Come Follow me 2024, Free LDS youth lesson helps, June 3-9

I took from Ideas for Learning at Home and at Church, the parts I feel like pertain to the youth, or what the youth can relate to, be sure to go by your own inspiration, and what you feel like you students need.

Underlined is from Come Follow Me- For Home and Church.

The word of God can help me recognize false doctrine.

Although Nehor eventually confessed that what he taught was false, his teachings continued to influence the Nephites for many years. Why do you think people liked what Nehor taught? In Alma 1:2–6, look for the lies in Nehor’s teachings—and the truths he used to hide those lies.

Pass out these papers when they walk into class. After studying about Nehor, just read the papers, so they can guess who the student was that wrote it and the lie(:

(This will be bundled in the lesson packet)

Point out that the students who told a really good lie were the ones that mixed a truth with it, or just change a truth a small a degree to make it a lie. How did Nehor do that?How does Satan do that to us?

This is from the Primary section, but I think it is youth worthy.

Gideon withstood Nehor “with the words of God” (Alma 1:7, 9). Here are some scriptures that refute Nehor’s falsehoods: Matthew 7:21–23; 2 Nephi 26:29–31; Mosiah 18:24–26; and Helaman 12:25–26. Try summarizing each scripture passage. What have you learned from living prophets that refutes false teachings in our day?

Attach the Nehor to a jar of your choice (That is a large peanut jar). Tell the students that they are all Gideon, and they have to refute Nehor...everyone say hello to Nehor(:

I like the roll-play, but I don't think it is nice to make a person Nehor. You can have a lot of fun with this!

Tell them that you are going to hand out scriptures (or quotes) to help them, but you want them to put it into their own words. You can form teams of two (or three) people, for those that need help or if you don't have enough scripture ref. or quotes for everyone.

Gideon gave his life in order to stand up for what was right, ask them if they feel like they believe in what they shared and could stand up for what is right in a hard situation?

True disciples of Jesus Christ are “humble followers of God.”

Chapters 1 and 4 of Alma describe periods when the Church prospered, but Church members responded to that prosperity differently. For example, compare Alma 1:19–30 with Alma 4:6–15 to see how Church members changed in just a few years.

Split your class into two groups, split your board into two. Assign one group to fill one side of the board and the other group to fill the other. Then turn the time over to them to teach each other what they learned having the things they wrote down as their guide.

It may look like this:

These are great questions to ask after the students have taught.

Based on what you’ve read, how do true followers of Jesus Christ feel about people who have different beliefs? What attitude do true followers of Christ have toward riches and prosperity? What do you feel inspired to change about your own attitude?

My example and testimony can change hearts.

Maybe you can relate to the sadness Alma felt when he saw what was happening among his people. Look for the problems he saw in Alma 4:6–15. Have you noticed any similar problems? Perhaps you are worried about a loved one who struggles with these problems. Have you wondered what you could possibly do to help?

Some might say that Alma, as chief judge, was the best person to solve these problems. But Alma felt there was a better way. As you read verses 16–20, what impresses you about his approach to helping his people?

Alma had great faith in the word of God and “pure testimony” (verse 19). What examples have you seen of the power of pure testimony? As you ponder various ways you can share your testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel, you might reread Alma 4:6–14. What do the actions of Church members in these verses reveal about their testimonies of Jesus Christ and His teachings? What do you notice about the effect of their actions—on themselves and on others? You might also think about ways you have been blessed by other people’s pure testimony, whether it was shared through words or actions.

THIS! This is a perfect time to invite your youth to testify.

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Think of ways you could share your testimony of Jesus Christ—in words or actions. Who would benefit from your witness?

See also Gary E. Stevenson, “Nourishing and Bearing Your Testimony,” Liahona, Nov. 2022, 111–14; “Testimony,” Hymns, no. 137;

“Alma the Younger Steps Down as Chief Judge” (video), Gospel Library; Gospel Topics, “Revelation,” Gospel Library.

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