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Come Follow Me 2024, June 17-23, Free LDS Youth lesson helps

Updated: Jun 19

Come Follow me 2024, June 17-23, LDS youth lesson helps, YM and YW

Ideas for Learning at Home and at Church

My efforts to share the gospel of Jesus Christ require patience.

Have you ever tried to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with someone, but your invitation was rejected? Alma experienced that too. What do you learn from him in Alma 8:13–16 about sharing the gospel despite challenges and opposition? Continue reading in verses 17–32, and look for phrases that inspire you to keep sharing the gospel, even when you don’t seem to be succeeding.

There is a lot of scripture reading Alma 8: 13-32. It would be fun to have the students read the scriptures like it is a script in a play. No acting necessary, unless they really want to(: There are some name tags in the lesson bundle. They look like this:

LDS youth lessons

Prophets and apostles are special witnesses of Christ, so they have a lot of inspired counsel to share about testifying of Him. Look at what Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf said in “But What If It’s Hard?” (a section in “Missionary Work: Sharing What Is in Your Heart,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2019, 18) or what Elder Gary E. Stevenson shared in “Love, Share, Invite” (Liahona, May 2022, 84–87).

I have 2 options for a activity to separate your class into three groups. It's in my lesson bundle.

Separate into three groups and let them study LOVE, SHARE, INVITE and plan what they want to share with the class. I have each section put on paper so you can print out and the students can highlight or circle what they like.

Here are some good questions for you to ask the students after their study:

What do you find there that could help someone who’s starting to feel discouraged about sharing the gospel?

How would you summarize everything you’ve studied here into one or two encouraging statements about sharing the gospel? Give each group a turn to answer this one.

Consider making a poster or meme that can inspire you (and others) to keep trying.

See also “Help Me Teach with Inspiration,” Hymns, no. 281; “Alma Is Commanded by an Angel to Return to Ammonihah” (video), Gospel Library; Gospel Topics, “Missionary Work,” Gospel Library.

Hey Friends, I'm off to Girls camp. If you have any problems with your order I will be back Saturday to help.

God’s blessings come with great responsibility.

When reading about the way the Nephites in Ammonihah treated the Lord’s servants, it is easy to forget that they once lived the gospel and were a “highly favored people of the Lord” (Alma 9:20). As you read about the great blessings God gave the people of Nephi (see especially Alma 9:14–23), ponder the great blessings He has given you. What responsibilities come with these blessings? What are you doing to stay true to these responsibilities?

Pass these papers out with a fold down the middle. Have them write their blessings , then discuss the scriptures, then unfold and finish the other list.

God’s plan is a plan of redemption.

In Alma 11–12, Alma and Amulek referred to God’s plan as the plan of redemption. As you read these chapters, ponder why the word redemption is used to describe God’s plan. Consider writing a short summary of what Alma and Amulek taught about the following aspects of the plan:

  • The Fall

  • The Redeemer

  • Repentance

  • Death

  • Resurrection

  • Judgment

This is in my lesson Bundle, but you can probably make something similar if you don't want to purchase anything today.

Pass out the scriptures and have the students look them up, and match them with the correct pictures.

Scripture Match-up, study these scriptures before you teach so you will be ready to ask questions and discuss each one when a match is made.

Some pictures will have more than one match.

Your board may look similar to this:

Notice the effect Amulek’s words had on the people (see Alma 11:46). How does knowing about God’s plan affect you?

See also Dallin H. Oaks, “The Great Plan,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2020, 93–96; “Amulek Testifies of Jesus Christ” (video), Gospel Library.

If I do not harden my heart, I can receive more of the word of God.

Some people may wonder why Heavenly Father doesn’t make everything known to us. In Alma 12:9–14, Alma explained one possible reason. These questions could help you ponder what he taught:

I usually sell this gift tag separately, but I've added it to my lesson bundle, for no extra charge.

  • What can you do to turn your heart toward God? (see Jeremiah 24:7; Alma 16:16; Helaman 3:35).

  • What can you do to ensure that God’s word is “found in [you]”? (Alma 12:13). When you have God’s word in you, what effect does it have on your “words,” “works,” and “thoughts”? (Alma 12:14).

What does Amulek’s experience teach you about the blessings of having a soft heart? (see Alma 10:1–11).

See also “Alma Warns Zeezrom” (video), Gospel Library.

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