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Come Follow Me 2024, June 10-16, Free LDS Youth lessons.

Updated: Jun 12

Come Follow Me 2024, Free LDS Youth lessons, Alma 7:7-18, interactive ideas for youth and teachers of Sunday School

Underlined is from Come, Follow Me- For Home and church

I can gain my own witness of the Savior and His teachings through the Holy Ghost.

In Alma 5, when Alma explained how he gained his testimony of the Savior, he did not mention his experience seeing an angel (see Mosiah 27:10–17). How did Alma come to know the truth for himself? Perhaps you could use what you find in Alma 5:44–51 to write a “recipe” for obtaining a testimony of Jesus Christ and His teachings. What “ingredients” (truths of the gospel) and “instructions” (things we can do to seek for truth) did Alma include? What “ingredients” and “instructions” could you add to your recipe from your own experiences or other experiences in the scriptures?

I want to start by studying some recipes. These our some of our family favorites.

These are on a full 11X 8.5 sheets in the lesson bundle. I will also have 2 on a page.

Yes, they are real recipes, and they are amazing.

Maybe some students have had experience, just adding ingredients without reading the instructions. What if we did that with the Taco soup...without browning the meat, or sauté the onions? What would happen?

What if we mixed the all the ingredients of the cookies without creaming the butter and sugar together? What happens?

Then hand out these recipe cards to the students. ...use what you find in Alma 5:44–51 to write a “recipe” for obtaining a testimony of Jesus Christ and His teachings. What “ingredients” (truths of the gospel) and “instructions” (things we can do to seek for truth) did Alma include? What “ingredients” and “instructions” could you add to your recipe from your own experiences or other experiences in the scriptures?

Print on card stock, in my lesson bundle.

Those that are willing to share their recipes will get one of my amazing Chocolate Chip cookies....made with wheat flour..they are so good. Again go by your own inspiration.

Happy Father's Day!

You will need to know how to download and open zipped files.

The Savior took upon Himself my sins, pains, and afflictions.

Have you ever felt that no one understands your struggles or challenges? If so, the truths Alma taught can help. As you read, reflect on what these verses teach about the purposes of the Savior’s sacrifice. You might make a chart with the headings What the Savior suffered and Why He suffered and list what you find in Alma 7:7–16

  1. As a class read  Alma 7:7–16 first focusing on what Christ suffered, record it on the board. Then read it again focusing on why, OR..

  2. You can split the board into two and split your class into two groups, have them both read the same scriptures  Alma 7:7–16 . But they will be picking different things out. It might look like this:

June 16th LDS youth lesson

You can read these scriptures and have the students add more to the lists on the board. I have some students that really struggle, so I won't be doing the extra scriptures. I want them to really focus on, making the Savior's suffering personal to them (in the next paragraph).

(see also Isaiah 53:3–5). Can you think of specific times He suffered some of these things? Here are some examples from the scriptures: Matthew 4:1–13; 26:55–56; 27:39–44; Mark 14:43–46; Luke 9:58. Can you add anything to your list from these verses?

If you do the extra scriptures, it might be good to mix-up the interactive learning with a read and record. You can do this in groups if you'd like.

It is one thing to believe that the Savior suffered for you. But how does His suffering make a difference in your everyday life? Here are some scriptures that show how Jesus Christ can help or “succor” you:

 Enos 1:5–6; Mosiah 16:7–8; 21:15; 24:14–15; 3 Nephi 17:6–7; Ether 12:27–29; Doctrine and Covenants 121:7–10. What did you learn from these verses? What are some other ways He comes to your aid? When have you experienced His help?

I have two simple games to choose from, that will add a little movement and creativity to assign the scriptures, it's in my lesson bundle.

A hymn like “I Need Thee Every Hour” or “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” (Hymns, nos. 98, 136) could deepen your appreciation for the Savior’s succor. What phrases in these hymns express your feelings toward Him?

See also Gospel Topics, “Atonement of Jesus Christ,” Gospel Library; “His Grace” (video collection), Gospel Library.

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Naomi Robinson
Naomi Robinson
Jun 16

I purchased the lesson bundle just for the recipe cards. All downloads worked BUT the recipe cards. :0.

Have any suggestions?

N Robinson

Jun 16
Replying to

Hey Naomi

If you message me on Etsy it’s much more private and you can send me your email address. I wonder if it’s because it’s a bigger folder. You are actually the first one with this problem, most people are struggling with the art folder. But send me your email address in Etsy messages and we can try that.



Jun 12

New here- how do I get and find the lesson bundle?

Jun 12
Replying to

Hi welcome

This week in my store…the middle or the page.


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