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Come Follow Me 2024, Jan 29- Feb 4 Sunday School youth lessons

Updated: Jan 29

Come Follow me 2024, Feb 4, Sunday school youth lesson, Free print

The Savior will help me face life’s challenges.

Nephi’s family faced some tough challenges—like all of us do. What can you learn from Nephi about facing adversity with faith in Jesus Christ? Read about his experiences in 1 Nephi 16:17–32; 16:34–39; 17:7–16; 18:1–4; and 18:9–22. Consider recording what you find under headings like these: “Challenge,” “How Nephi Responded,” and “How the Lord Helped.” What do you learn that you could apply to the challenges you face?

I'm excited about this lesson. I've made some heading cards for you to use.

I'm planning on going a different direction with my lesson. I've been taking a Seminary teaching class from Bro. Wilcox at UVU. I've learned so much. But the more I learn the more I realize I can't control my lessons. I've got to let the students take the lead and follow where ever they take me with some good doctrine. I hope this method will help my students open up and talk.

I am ONLY going to have my students read 1 Nephi 16:17–32 This is the story of, Nephi breaking his bow. (Pray about the needs of your students to know what is best for you to focus on) I want to spend time talking about this. And freezing the kids as we read the scriptures. I'm going to ask them to tell me what is the longest amount of time they have gone without food. We do have fast Sunday's so we do know what hunger is(:

When we get to verse 20 where Lehi is murmuring against the Lord. I'm going to ask them:

"What is different in this verse that is unlike any verse in the Book of Mormon?" (There will not be a wrong answer, but pretty much Lehi is murmuring.)

I hoping to ask questions and see, how Nephi might feel about that and lastly how they would feel about that.

Maybe through questions we can hit somewhere in this area: Lehi has always been there for Nephi, ALWAYS supported him. But now Nephi is totally and completely alone in this.

Then I'm going to say "raise your hands if you have ever felt alone, I don't care it was a small moments or a very big moment, if you have ever felt alone in your life, raise your hand."

Ok now I want you to turn 1 Nephi 17:7 & 13-15. Read silently and write down "How Christ can help guide us when we feel alone?"

I'm going to give them 3 minutes to read and write down what they found. Then I'm going to have them take turns sharing it with the class or with a partner what they found.

From there I just have to be ready for whatever they say(:

If my questions fall dead or we have extra time then we will continue to study 1 Nephi 16:34–39. And do into the rest of the lesson, but I will probably break my students into groups and have them complete the chart on the board, to save time.

I also really like the suggestions below.

After learning from Nephi and his family, you might record additional thoughts under these headings: “My Challenges,” “How I Will Respond,” and “How the Lord Can Help Me.” As you do, you could refer to scriptures like these: Matthew 11:28–30; John 14:26–27; Mosiah 24:13–15. A hymn like “Where Can I Turn for Peace?” (Hymns, no. 129) could strengthen your faith in the Savior and the help He offers during times of trial.

See also Anthony D. Perkins, “Remember Thy Suffering Saints, O Our God,” Liahona, Nov. 2021, 103–5; “He Will Give You Help,” “The Lord Guides Lehi’s Journey,” “The Lord Commands Nephi to Build a Ship,” and “Lehi’s Family Sails to the Promised Land” (videos), Gospel Library; “Life Help,” Gospel Library.

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15 ก.พ.

I love your lesson ideas! They supplement my youth SS lessons perfectly. Will you be posting anything for the youth for the Sunday Feb 18th lesson?

15 ก.พ.

I just did. Sorry it’s late. Playing catch up from a vacation.

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