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Come Follow Me 2023, Free LDS primary lesson helps, March 6-12, Jesus has power to heal me.

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Come Follow me 2023, Free LDS primary lesson helps, How many Apostles did Jesus have? Article of Faith 6, healing the blind men, Jesus called the Apostles to build up his church, Thy Faith hath made them whole, Senior prmary

Jesus has the power to heal me.

The Savior repeatedly showed His power to heal those who had faith in Him. You can help the children you teach build their faith in His healing power.

Possible Activities

  • Tell the children the story of the daughter of Jairus (see Mark 5:22–23, 35–43). At the appropriate point in the story, read Jesus’s words “I say unto thee, arise” (verse 41), and invite the children to stand up. Help the children understand that Jesus has the power to heal people and give us eternal life.

  • Show a picture of the account in Matthew 9:20–22 as you read these verses. Help the children memorize the phrase “Thy faith hath made thee whole” (verse 22). To do this, you could assign each child a word, and then have the children say their words in order several times. How did the woman show that she had faith in Jesus Christ? What can we do to show that we have faith in Christ?

Cut out the pieces and have the children put them over one word at a time as you read the scripture together. For example, read it through the first time together pointing to each word, then have a child put the picture over with word, “thy” then read it again. Then have a child put a picture over “faith” and read it again, until the picture is completed and the scripture is memorized. Your children might not be able to read, but the rhythm and touching each written word is still really good for pre-readers.

  • Ask the children to close their eyes and listen as you read from Matthew 9:27–30. When you read about Jesus healing the blind men, invite the children to open their eyes. Invite the children to talk about how they would feel if Jesus had healed them.

Jesus heals the blind men Matthew 9:28-30

Cut out, glue the side. Slide the eyes into the pocket. Have the children experiment with it for a bit, then read the three verses together, slide up with each verse. Repeat as long as the children are interested. You can print one for each child, so you can do it together as a class or you can give them all turns with one, repeating the scripture, enough times for each child to get a turn.

Use this week’s activity page to help the children learn the story of the Savior raising Jairus’s daughter from the dead.

Form the churches website, the Miracle song.

(Just Beautiful! click on the picture)

My preschool children loved bandaids! I would put them in the dramatic play area and it was the funniest thing. They have a large selection at Dollar Tree. Just click on the picture.

Jesus called Twelve Apostles and gave them power to do His work.

Do the children you teach know that we have twelve Apostles today? How can you use these verses to teach them about the importance of modern-day Apostles and what they are called to do?

Possible Activities

  • Summarize Matthew 10:1–10 in simple terms. Explain that Jesus calls Apostles to help Him build His Church. Let the children count the Apostles in the picture Christ Ordaining the Apostles (Gospel Art Book, no. 38) and in a picture of the current Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (see or a general conference issue of the Liahona). Explain that we have twelve Apostles today, just as in Jesus’s time. Share your testimony of the Lord’s Apostles and of something they have taught recently.

Cut out the circles with the pictures and names of the Apostles during Christ time. Have the children place them on the counting mat, count them together. After they are done. Tell them that there are modern day apostles hiding around the room. Tell them to go look for them and bring them back to the counting mat, so we can see how many we have today.

Hide pictures of the modern-day Apostles around the room (for pictures, see a recent general conference issue of the Liahona). Invite the children to find the pictures, and tell them a little about each Apostle (see “Meet Today’s Prophets and Apostles” at

  • Invite a child to hold up a picture of the First Presidency and a picture of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Ask the child to lead the other children around the room to a picture of Jesus. Testify that the prophets and apostles lead us to Jesus Christ.

Take all the circles, and give them to the children to make a path way to the picture of Jesus. "Testify that the prophets and apostles, lead us to Jesus Christ."

I recommend a church approved picture of Jesus, but if you don't have one, you are welcome to use this.

(Just click on the picture)

Next month is Easter! I have a week long Easter countdown banner, with QR codes to scan for videos simple spiritual thoughts, that keep us focused on the real reason for the season. Look through all the pictures on the listing before you purchase it, so you are aware of the size and assembling the banner. In my home we look forward to this every year. I hope you can enjoy it too.

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Teach the Doctrine: Older Children

Jesus has the power to heal me.

Reading the accounts of the Savior healing people can help the children you teach build their faith in Him. These accounts can also help them feel His compassion and love.

Possible Activities

  • Read together the accounts of Jesus healing people found in Matthew 9:20–22, 27–30 and Mark 5:22–23, 35–43 (or show the videos “Jesus Heals a Woman of Faith” and “Jesus Raises the Daughter of Jairus” on How did the people in these stories show their faith in Jesus Christ? What do we learn about the Savior from these stories?

  • Invite the children to share experiences when they or someone they know received a priesthood blessing for the healing of the sick. How were they healed or blessed? Explain that sometimes a miraculous healing is not the Lord’s will, but we can still be blessed by His love and comfort.

This is from last week if you missed it.

(click on the image)

Here is this weeks.

The Twelve Apostles can teach me about Jesus.

How can learning about the Twelve Apostles in Christ’s day help the children better understand what the Twelve Apostles do today?

Possible Activities

  • Show pictures of the Apostles in Jesus’s time and in our day (see Christ Ordaining the Apostles [Gospel Art Book, no. 38] and a recent conference issue of the Liahona). Ask the children to read Matthew 10:7 to find out what Apostles do (see also Luke 9:1–2, 6; Doctrine and Covenants 107:23).

  • Invite the children to write on the board the names of as many of the original Apostles as they can remember. Then ask them to list as many living Apostles as they can remember. Let them check their lists with Matthew 10:2–4 and a recent conference issue of the Liahona. You could also play a matching game in which the children match each living Apostle’s name with his picture. Pictures can be found at

  • Several days before class, invite a few children to come prepared to share a story told by one of the living Apostles (see issues of the Liahona or Friend for ideas). How did that Apostle use the story to inspire us to become more like the Savior?

Share several examples of modern-day Apostles’ testimonies of Christ with the children (see recent general conference messages or “The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles” []).

Following Jesus Christ requires sacrifice.

How will you help the children understand what it means to “lose” their lives as they follow the Savior?

Possible Activities

  • Tell the children about a time when you gave up something in order to get something better. Invite the children to share examples of their own. Then read together Luke 9:23–25. Explain that Jesus wants us to be willing to give up anything to follow Him. While He may not ask us to literally give up our lives, what does He ask us to give? (see Joseph Smith Translation, Matthew 16:26 [in Matthew 16:24, footnote e]).

  • Write several Christlike qualities on pieces of paper and the opposites of those qualities on other pieces of paper (such as love and selfishness, humility and pride, and so on). Write the words save and lose as headings on the board, and invite the children to sort the qualities under the appropriate headings. Give the children time to ponder the Christlike qualities on the board and to choose one to develop more fully.

Hey all, I really adore the primary manual. This is how I study the gospel, and feel it is very inspired. But I just don't understand the "possible activity" for this teaching. So I made my own, I feel like it still teaches this principal. But use your discernment, to determine if this is right for teaching your children. Be sure to teach the scriptures before going into the activity.

Sacrifice verses Blessings, Come Follow me free LDS primary lesson helps

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