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Feb 11-17 "Ye Must Be born Again"

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

This lesson has a lot of water in it: water into wine, a well of water, and living water. If I was still back in my preschool days, I would have a sensory table and we would have "water play" everyday this week.

I really like how this worksheet came together.

Feb 11-17 Ye must be born again

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This is from the Friend. She used to have a basket, but I wanted her to either be Mary, asking Jesus to make more wine, or the woman at the well. So I "photoshopped" a jug in in her arms, and I looks like my 5 year old "photoshopped" it, but it does the trick. (:

Feb 11-17 Come Follow Me for Primary

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Here are two sacrament activities. The friend has a lot about the sacrament. It is very nice that there is so much available on that.

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  1. This was the most fun, and my favorite activity of this lesson. (Look at the pictures below)

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Feb 11-17 "Ye Must Be Born Again"

Different textures are so good for small children developing sensory skills. My girls especially loved raiding my fabric scraps.


One more sensory activity....I'm a little obsessed. That word "springing" set my mind to all kinds a textures. The first one was curling ribbon, twisted dry noodles, and shaving cream paint (when dries) is very springy.

Here is a good recipe for puffy paint:

I like her idea of keeping it in a bag and squeezing it out like frosting on a cake.

For your toddlers that isn't developmentally doable. You'll just have to let them finger paint.

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But, if painting is not in your gospel study for-sight, then glueing fun textures to the well is awesome.

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