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Primary Birthday Stickers

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Since the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has cut back 3 hour church to only two hours. There isn't a lot of time to celebrate the children and teacher's birthdays.

The Primary Presidency decided we need a fun sticker, to help them feel recognized. I was so excited, I immediately started sweating glitter.

I really like the Primary Birthday songs, and since we aren't singing to them, I don't want them to be forgotten. So maybe when others see their sticker, they will sing that song, or just me..I'll always sing for them(:

Any time I design something and it gets printed nicely.....It is better than having my name in lights!

These stickers are so easy! You just slap (not literally) them on the teacher or kid who has their birthday that week. They come to the front and get a nice treat, and quite honestly that is all we have time for now days.

I sent the image in an email to my local copy center and they printed them very nicely to a sticker page.

If you click on the Print Here, it will give you an image you can print, or send to a copy center.

Print Here

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