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Feb 18-24 "Blessed Are Ye"

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

What better way to teach the beatitudes than with a simple memory game?

(Don't forget to print it on card stock so after your kids color them, they aren't see through.)

"Blessed Are Ye" Feb 18-24

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I also have a hide and seek coloring page, of the Sermon on the Mount. It works best if your kiddos color the tiny pictures they are looking for as they are counting them and then if they like, they can finish coloring the picture.

"Blessed Are Ye" Feb 18-24

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This is a cute coloring page from the friend

"Blessed Are Ye" Feb 18-24

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I know it is supper simple. But, if you act quick valentine's heart stickers will still be on clearance. I know that some Dollar Tree's sale heart shaped buttons. Even old conversation hearts that no one wanted to eat, will be great textures for little hands.

"Blessed Are Ye" Feb 18-24

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A Bag of Chips

Some topics are so easy for little minds, (like my own) and my ideas just flow and I can't help but design another activity. This is not one of those topics. However, I have one more activity that I am going to do with my family, that you are welcome to barrow.

On page 31in The Come Follow Me-for individuals and Families it says:

"Everybody wants to be happy, but not everyone looks for happiness in the same places." Then it has a read the Beatitudes in Matt 5:1-12, and asks "How is this different than the world's view of happiness?"

I'm going to pass out little bags of chips, but my kids aren't allowed to open them until it's time.

After studying the beatitudes, I'm going to compare us to a potato chip in a bag. When we left heaven and came to earth we forgot everything. All we can see is what is in front of our faces.

It sometimes seems more rewarding to not be the peacemaker, or meek, or to be persecuted for rightness sake. But, when we die, the bag opens up......have them open their bags. Then we get to see everything the Father has created, and all that we inherit-ate, if we lived righteously. Won't we feel very bad if we traded that in for something that was "in the moment" a hard thing, to take the easier path?

That is why he has given us commandments, not to take away our fun, but to warn us, not to trade in our eternal happiness for something that is "in front of our faces."

Good luck in your study of the Gospel!

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