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Unicorn Birthday Party

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

My 5 year old asked for a "unicorn birthday party". Of course, that is what is trending, but not a lot of ideas out there. Unless of course you have a horse that you can turn into a unicorn. That is everywhere.

However, I don't have a horse or a lot of money to rent one. But my daughter does have 4 older brothers. During the party they all took turns being Lucy's pet unicorn.

Lucy with pet
Unicorn Birthday ideas

Riding her unicorn
Unicorn Birthday Party ideas

Friend going for ride
Her Friends loved it too!

We were all laughing pretty hard. It was more fun than a real horse.

Unicorn Poo

While we were waiting for everyone to show up to the party. I had a pile of unicorn poo, for everyone to play with. They added jewels and glitter and sequence to their own slime. This kept them busy for awhile.

We bagged that up and sent it home with them. Their parents can thank me later (:

After presents and the "unicorn rides," we made magic bottles, with the same sequence, glitter and jewels. Just added oil and food coloring. You are going to want to write the kids name on the bottle and tape the lid on with electric tape.

Unicorn party
Magic Bottle

-We played pony, pony,, duck, goose.

-We hide a unicorn horn and played "hot and cold" to find it.

Every girl was a unicorn with their own magical horn. I got those on Amazon for super cheap.

It was a great success. Hope these ideas can help you with your little princess's party.

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