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Updated: Apr 13, 2019

I'm excited about this Easter Count Down.

Come Follow Me, Easter Count Down. Free Printable's and lesson ideas.

I was very simple to make, I know you probably here that all the time. But, this time it's true.

I didn't want to buy anything, and I had ordered these bag in a set of 10, for a Christmas present. Lucky I still had 7 left. If you want to order them they are on Amazon:


Come Follow Me, Easter Count Down. Free Printable's and lesson ideas.

I also have a lot of ribbons. I bought most of them at Walmart. I pulled the "Jute" rope out of the draw string part of the bag and added ribbon.

The next part, is adding the letters. I know Burlap is paintable, and I could have made this so much easier. But, I have a lot of fabric scraps, that I love and wanted to use.

So I printed off some letters, and I painfully cut them all out. I wish I had a cricket, but I don't.

After I cut them out, I ironed them on to the burlap sacks with "Wonder Under". I guess it is also called Pellon. Here is a Youtube if you want to do it that way.


But, you can also fabric glue them.

I didn't like how my letters weren't as bold as I wanted them to be, so I bought a Fabric marker from Walmart...so I guess I did buy something.

I sewed the back part of the bags onto a ribbon.

Then I put up Command Strips and it was hard to wait the hour that it tells you to, before I could hang it. But, it did pass, and here is the finish product.

Come Follow Me, Easter Count Down. Free Printable's and lesson ideas.

Well, not finish yet. I've got to put the Come Follow Me Activities inside. Here is a link to those Easter Activities.


Free, Come Follow Me, Easter, Lesson Ideas

Hey guys. I found another free Easter Count down.

Isn't it cute! She also does free "Come Follow Me" activities and Lesson plans.


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