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DIY Dish cloth pillow

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

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When I started my blog I decided to name it The Red Crystal, because that lets me post more than just Come Follow Me activities. I can post my crafts too. However, CFM is every week and has kept me very busy. A year and a half into the program and all my kids in school and I now finally finding time to post some diy, sewing, painting crafts.

I've been hard at work updating my home. Painting walls and furniture.

I took a bunch of my older home decor and put it on my front porch. Now when ever I miss the color I can go hangout outside.

As you can see from the picture I love decor pillows. But have you see the price of farm house pillows? Some of them, beautiful as they maybe, look like they were made from dish cloth. So that is when I got my grand idea.

I went to Joann's and found some very cute dish cloth. On sale they were $5, still more money then I would pay for dish cloth...(just between you and me I rip up old towels), but perfect for a pillow. Look at the little tassel at the bottom, that alone is $4 a yard, if you can ever find that color.

I bought two, laid them out on my couch next to my pillows and got excited.

There was a "Live Simple" tag that I picked off. I hope I didn't do anything know how you aren't supposed to remove tags from pillows. No one call the police on me.(:

I turned the one cloth length wise while the other cloth width wise.

Then I cut it, leaving a little extra to turn under.

I did that again till I make a square.

I ironed the cloth, as you can see the fold lines are now gone.

Then you fold and sew the raw edge, as you can see I just folded it once, no one is going to see this.

Then you don't turn it inside out! This is breaking the laws of sewing. If you do you won't be able to see the cute tassel on the outside. Match up the pieces and sew, making sure you can see your design.

Sew the once raw edge (but now folded and sewn) up against your tassel.

If you sewed all the edges but one you have a nice little envelop to slide a pillow in. If you want you can attach a zipper here.

I won't do that.

I sewed both sided of that envelop till there was a hole big enough to stick my hand in. I have a big family and we go through a lot of pillows. Instead of throwing them away I put them in my washing machine, and after they are dry I cut them open and take the stuffing. I haven't had to buy pillow stuffing for a very long time.

And then I hand sew the little hole and I'm done.

I love it!

It cost me a total of $10. So worth it.

I'm definitely going shopping for more dish cloth, this was too easy.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Have a great Day!



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