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Come Follow Me 2020, Jan 20-16, 1 Nephi 11-15 "Armed with Righteousness and the power of God"

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

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Come Follow Me- For Primary page 13 “Give each child a picture that illustrates one of the events from the Savior’s life foretold in 1 Nephi 11:20, 24, 27, 31. and 33. As you read these verses, ask the children to hold up their picture when they hear the verse that matches it.”

Or you can lay them all out together as a family or a class and discuss which scripture matches up to the correct picture.

1 Nephi 11, interactive activities, LDS Primary lesson helps, free

1 Nephi 11, interactive activities, LDS Primary lesson helps, free

(Be cautious when printing this to make sure it's on Landscape)

1 Nephi 11, interactive activities, LDS Primary lesson helps, free

Come follow Me- for Primary page 13 "Tell the children about some of the things Nephi learned that Jesus Christ would do during His life (see Nephi 11:16-33), and show them pictures of some of these events."

Here is a fun visual of what Nephi saw during his vision. I recommend someone reading the scriptures as someone else moves the pictures through. This is also a coloring page, if you choose to print it in Black and White.

1 Nephi 11, interactive activities, LDS Primary lesson helps, free

1 Nephi 11, interactive activities, LDS Primary lesson helps, free

Come Follow Me- for Primary page 14 “Help the children understand that..some things in the Bible were changed and taken out over time. Read parts of 1 Nephi 13:40 that teach how the Book of Mormon helps us understand the ”plain and precious things” that were lost from the Bible.”

Cut the puzzle out, remove some of the pieces and have the children try to put the puzzle together. When they notice that pieces are missing read 1Nephi 13:40, and explain that with the help of the BofM we can have some of the Bible truths.

Holy Bible puzzle, LDS primary lesson helps, Come Follow Me 2020

If you want to take the missing puzzle pieces a bit farther you can tape these pictures behind the pieces you don't give to the kids in the beginning. Then you would want to teach it something like this:

Tape the pictures on (the back) of a couple of puzzle pieces from the Bible puzzle. Hide those three pieces of the puzzle around the room. Have the children try to complete the puzzle. When they notice that they can’t. Read Nephi 13:40, Explain that the Bible had pieces taken out and changed, but with the help of the Book of Mormon we can have those “plain and precious” truths again. Then let them find the missing pieces and return them to the puzzle.

Come Follow Me-For Primary page 14 "Ask the children why Jesus Christ is important to them. Sing a song about the Savior, such as "He Sent His Son".

Here is an interactive song:

He sent his son, interactive song, LDS primary lesson helps, Come follow Me 2020, free

He sent his son, interactive song, LDS primary lesson helps, Come follow Me 2020, free

He sent his son, interactive song, LDS primary lesson helps, Come follow Me 2020, free

Here is an idea from Mitzi at She has a really cute lesson this week, you should go see it.

President Nelson's promise from reading the Book of Mormon, interactive activity for children. come follow me 2020, Free

Come follow Me- For Primary page 15 "What do the children know about the Apostasy? How can you help them understand the importance of the Book of Mormon in restoring gospel truths that were lost during the Apostasy?"

Here is a Review of the cups activity:

You can print everything you need for this cup activity here.

Come Follow Me- For Primary page 15 "Why is it helpful to have more than one witness?"

This is a super cute idea from Katie Flaniken:

My family did this activity yesterday to help illustrate the Testimony of the 3 and 8 Witnesses. I brought out a box that I'd put one of their stuffed toy elephants inside. After we'd read the testimonies, I brought out the box and excitedly told the kids (ages 3 and 4) that I had an elephant in the box. As I'd hoped, they didn't believe that I had a great big elephant in this little box. So I let grandma look in the box. She bore her "witness" that there was, indeed, an elephant in the box. I asked them again if they believed that there was an elephant in the box now that two of us had seen it. This time they said yes!!

We explained how this was just like the golden plates. We haven't seen them, but because of the testimonies of these men, we have greater trust that they are indeed real. That's why we have these testimonies and why they are important.

As expected, the kids were begging to see in the box for themselves. This allowed me to teach about faith and that we believe in things we cannot see. Throughout the rest of the night, each time they asked to see inside the box, I asked them if they still believed that the elephant was inside. They did. So just before bedtime I asked one more time if they believed. Once again they said yes. I explained that sometimes we don't see evidence of something until after the trial of our faith. And them being patient enough to see inside for themselves was a trial of faith. They laughed when they saw the toy elephant inside.

This simple lesson turned into multiple teaching opportunities for our family and was so easy to prepare.

Come Follow Me 2020, another witness

Come Follow Me- For Primary page 15 "How did the iron rod help the people get through the mists of darkness? How can reading the word of God help us resist temptation and darkness today?"

We did a fun activity with our family, where we blindfolded one of our kids, and turned them in a couple circles and told them to walk a straight line. They couldn't do it. Then we had some of the kids hold a rope, and did it again... once they found the rope it was very easy to walk a straight line. The rope represents the word of God and when we read and study the scriptures it is much easier to know the way.

I asked permission to post this comment:

I love this teacher. When I saw this comment I couldn't stop thinking about it, because I was one of those kids. This is embracing to admit, but I didn't realize that the Book of Mormon was America's book and The Bible was in a different part of the world. I'm not sure what I thought, they were just scriptures. But Sister Vines is right it's hard to testify if they don't understand.

I made this printable to help teach younger children:

But for older children you can teach something similar, but more challenging. Draw a map on the board, put a picture of the Bible and BofM over each continent. Explain where they were written and how. Then have a pile of pictures from the scriptures and ask the children in which book the story took place. Have them match the picture/story to the correct book. That can help a lot in separating things out in the brain. (BTW my sister teaches 10 year olds and she did this with her class, I thought it was genius).

You teachers and parents are so inspired. I love to hear stories about you touching lives.

Hope you have a great week!





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