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Come Follow Me

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

SM title page
Come Follow Me resource for Primary

Primary Packet

Come Follow Me- free printable

The Come Follow Me program is very inspired! I love our prophet, I love the directions he receives from God.

How is your family doing with studying the gospel together?

I'll tell you, it's been pretty amazing with my older kids that can participate in the scripture study. My "older little" have been content to roll on the floor, and try to listen. My "middle little" usually is playing with something. And my "little little" won't even stay in the same room, unless I get out an activity, or print off a coloring page. That is when the Come Follow Me packets were born.


As a Primary Presidency we've been asked to help assist the primary children with their Gospel study at home.

Seeing as I'm a member of the Primary Presidency in my ward, I decided that this would be a good way to help other families with their scripture study. We also have some children who come to church without a lot of family support. I hope that the activities will be something simple enough that they can do on their own, but also help them learn gospel truths.


I want my resources to be the scriptures and the churches website. I may take a church approved picture and turn it into a puzzle, or a lacing card, etc.

Everything I design or make for this is pretty simple. I mostly focus on the scripture that goes with the activity.

Age appropriate

Different Activities for Different Ages

I got a degree in Early Child Development. I don't even think that is a thing anymore(: This is where I learned that children in their early years need to learn small motor skills. Experience learning through: touch, smell and taste. I can seldom send that home in a packet, but I can share what I do with my family.

However, I will make activities that are geared to all ages...because that is what is in my home.

I figure I'm doing it anyway, might as-well share. I hope you enjoy this resource and Good luck in your study of the Gospel!

This Week I'm Featuring:



Come Follow Me Jan-28/2019

The Friend is a wonderful resource. I couldn't design a better worksheet. It is great for older, primary kids who can look up scriptures. Great for younger kids who can stick the pieces in the squares.

Click on image to print


baptism puzzle
Come Follow Me , week Jan 28-Feb 3 (Primary Free Printable

Print Here


Repentance maze
Come Follow Me , week Jan 28-Feb 3 (Primary Free Printable

Print Here

The lacing card needs to be printed on card stock. Print Here

Baptism lace Card
Come Follow Me, Jan 28-Feb 3, Primary Free Printable


I was cleaning out my primary closet and found some old primary manuals. This was inside of the Primary 6 manual. I love it! Just what the prophet Esaias meant when he said "make his pathway straight." He was talking about repentance. Doing better every day. All theses things help us be better every day.

Print Here


In the Come Follow Me- For Individuals and Families, it says: "If something as permanent as a mountain can be flattened, then surely the Lord can help us straighten our own crooked paths." (see Luke 3:4-5) I immediately thought "play dough!"

I had Lucy make a mountain

Then she worked at flattening it. I was hard work, but with God nothing is impossible (:

We talked together as a family about that. Lucy said "I repented, I was nice today." Sooo we got to explain what repentance is.


Come Follow Me Primary Packet Jan 21-27

That was fun! It always makes me feel good to have a good sensory activity for my kids, even better when they are also learning, simple, gospel truths.

We almost got through an entire discussion with my older kids before they were finished. When they did finish I went over the son/sun worksheet with them and talked to them about the scripture.

What we learned about this week

We now have a weekly reminder, hanging on our fridge, of what we learned about.

the Son and Sun
Jan 21-27 Free Printable Come Follow Me Activity

Print Here


Come Follow Me Jan-21/2019 (younger kid) primary packet

light of men
Jan 21-27 Free Printable Come Follow Me Activity

Print Here

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