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Feb 25-March 3 "He Taught Them as One Having Authority

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

"He Taught Them as One Having Authority"

My sister was walking her baby in the hallway at church and she was looking at this picture. She noticed the boy playing with the butterfly, while Jesus was teaching.

She texted me the picture and said "See, even Jesus, the perfect teacher can't keep everyone's attention." She wasn't being sac-religious at all, just a frustrated parent of small children....and a little bit funning (:

I said, "no way, he is totally listening, kids just learn differently."

Kids learn through: touch, taste, smell...all 5 senses. So sometimes when it seems like they aren't listening, they totally are.

Jesus also said they are the greatest among us, so maybe we should let them teach us. (: I know my testimony has grown studying the gospel and trying to see it through a child eyes. That's why I keep coming back, with more activities.


The lesson starts out with the most loved, wiseman and the foolish man. Of course the ideal would be to try the experiment with your family....building a house on the sand and a rock. I know I've done it many of times with my primary classes, sharing times and family.

I was thinking...."The sand in our sandbox is still wet." I'm not sure if I will make the effort this time around, but maybe later(;

But we have to build something! I think everyone has toothpicks.

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Come Follow Me Feb 25-March 3


I like to have something that teaches my kids about the order of prayer. I also think music is very powerful.

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These are from the Friend, they have a lot about prayer, these were my favorite.

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Can't talk about treasures without a treasure box.

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One more, my daughter loves dot-to-dots. I didn't realize they are so easy to make.

I love when the Savior talks about .."the fowls of the air and how they sow not" and the grass, and the Lilies of the field. It is so very poetic. The tabernacle choir sings a song called "Lilies of the Field", if you get a chance to listen it it, it is very pretty.

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